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Kanda Yuu. Lotus curse. by KyongF Kanda Yuu. Lotus curse. :iconkyongf:KyongF 277 112 D.Gray-man - Exorcists by KashinoRei D.Gray-man - Exorcists :iconkashinorei:KashinoRei 194 67
D.gray man. KandaXReader. Pt1
Black order huh? Well, you were here now, that's all that mattered. Something about you becoming an exorcist?
"Oh!____! Welcome! I'm Komui Lee. It's a pleasure! I'm glad you could make it!" Komui smiled, apparently pleased with your arrival.  You understood the gist of this order and their goals, but had no idea why any of it was important. You had been previously acquainted with two of the members. Allen and lowly? Lali? Lav...I? Something about that.
"Yeah. I guess." You waved him off. You didn't even understand the point of any of this. You only agreed because you had nothing better to do. Your eyes automatically searched the room for something of interest. And that's when you saw him. Deep hair, like the deepest  depths in the dead ocean, only being stirred by its own will, eyes like death. They taunt you, calling for you, holding you in, grasping to you. You become paralyzed. His movements, fluid like the wind. Unpredictable, yet calming, beautiful, natural, enticing.
"Oh. Th
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KandaXReader Part 2 (Comedic Romance)
You tried to keep calm. This man couldn't prevent you from staying the way you had always been, which was calm and composed.
"My name is ___." You said with enough attitude to match his. "And it's great to meet you too, Yuu." You said his name mockingly, in attempt to annoy him.
His calm eyes grew chaotic, he clinched those flawless hands, and stared at you, nearly grinding his teeth. "Do not... dare call me that again. He stormed off.
You just watched; So perfect he'd seemed to be. There was something about him you could not deny, and you didn't mind.
"oh well, hey there, ____! Long time no see!" That Guy whose name you couldn't remember came up and, quite randomly, hugged you.
"Oh, hey...Guy. Yeah, man, I forgot your name. Sorry." You really didn't hug him back.
"R-Right." He stuttered nervously in response to your cold behavior. "It's Lavi."
"That's it! I thought it was something like Lilly..." You chuckled. "where's Allen?"
"Oh, but you remember his Name...He
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What's going on? Allen walkerX reader
You'd had many strange things going on recently. Your whole body had been aching, paranormal things had been haunting you. Your mother was sick and you couldn't bear to see her hurt.
Today you were going to visit her. She was in intensive care , under heavy surveillance. She was sick with an unknown and impossible-to-find disease.
You walked into the hospital and have your name and the name of the patient you had arrived to see. "Room 213." The receptionist have you instructions to the room.
As you walked up, your arm ached and your entire boys felt a dread that you understood as death. You knew you were too late.
As you walked into the room, the nurse walked somberly to you. "I'm so sorry...she didn't make it..." The nurse held your shoulder, and walked away.
"Damn it...!" You clinched and ground your teeth. "Damn it, damn it....DAMN it!" You hit the table. She was your last family. You were now totally alone, no fiends, no family. "I-I want you back." You held your mothers hand and l
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DGM - Kanda VS Alma by Miyukiko DGM - Kanda VS Alma :iconmiyukiko:Miyukiko 607 12 .::F e g e f e u e r::. by sakonma .::F e g e f e u e r::. :iconsakonma:sakonma 183 101 Grab my... by Koto-wari Grab my... :iconkoto-wari:Koto-wari 230 266 Kanda and fem!Alma by MeryChess Kanda and fem!Alma :iconmerychess:MeryChess 322 5 road x allen pt3 by heyhey00 road x allen pt3 :iconheyhey00:heyhey00 344 51 DGM Out of the cold by Delila2110 DGM Out of the cold :icondelila2110:Delila2110 243 16 D.Gray-Man- REDEMPTION by Elenath D.Gray-Man- REDEMPTION :iconelenath:Elenath 622 67 DGM  Love by Delila2110 DGM Love :icondelila2110:Delila2110 232 23 Kanda and Alma by blackened-skin Kanda and Alma :iconblackened-skin:blackened-skin 327 25 Thank You -Painting- by KeyGaze Thank You -Painting- :iconkeygaze:KeyGaze 126 65 D.Gray-man 198 cover by Rafflesium D.Gray-man 198 cover :iconrafflesium:Rafflesium 167 23 What -Painting- by KeyGaze What -Painting- :iconkeygaze:KeyGaze 128 43 D.Gray-man on stage by KashinoRei D.Gray-man on stage :iconkashinorei:KashinoRei 87 17 14th by heyhey00 14th :iconheyhey00:heyhey00 228 72 Kanda Yu - Fanservice Meme by Koto-wari Kanda Yu - Fanservice Meme :iconkoto-wari:Koto-wari 100 160 All Alone by Gemiblu All Alone :icongemiblu:Gemiblu 101 99 DGM Latest incidents by Purple-Meow DGM Latest incidents :iconpurple-meow:Purple-Meow 459 57 Kanda Yu by Lavhika-Bookman Kanda Yu :iconlavhika-bookman:Lavhika-Bookman 178 10 Mana x 14th by heyhey00 Mana x 14th :iconheyhey00:heyhey00 131 25 February: Smiling with you by NiraVancopoulos February: Smiling with you :iconniravancopoulos:NiraVancopoulos 70 39 Alma by Kit55 Alma :iconkit55:Kit55 63 8 Kalma Cards by LunaInverseElric Kalma Cards :iconlunainverseelric:LunaInverseElric 57 31 DGM: Allen by blackened-skin DGM: Allen :iconblackened-skin:blackened-skin 167 19 Kanda vs. Alma by okeania Kanda vs. Alma :iconokeania:okeania 37 41 Thanks for 5000 pageviews by NiraVancopoulos Thanks for 5000 pageviews :iconniravancopoulos:NiraVancopoulos 67 21 F o r e v e r by Lap-chan F o r e v e r :iconlap-chan:Lap-chan 354 29 D.Gray-man: Apocryphos by yaminokuni D.Gray-man: Apocryphos :iconyaminokuni:yaminokuni 138 37 D.Gray-man sketch 1 by Kota-Stoker D.Gray-man sketch 1 :iconkota-stoker:Kota-Stoker 41 5 Yu and Alma by renieule Yu and Alma :iconrenieule:renieule 230 47 DGM I've heard all by Delila2110 DGM I've heard all :icondelila2110:Delila2110 122 11 Alma : Kanda by 07snowblind Alma : Kanda :icon07snowblind:07snowblind 32 7 Yu Kanda by jesterry Yu Kanda :iconjesterry:jesterry 311 37 DGM_Bath Time by Jesson555 DGM_Bath Time :iconjesson555:Jesson555 137 35 Decisions Decisions by Gemiblu Decisions Decisions :icongemiblu:Gemiblu 77 35 Kanda X Alma by Purple-Meow Kanda X Alma :iconpurple-meow:Purple-Meow 486 39 SPOILER, DGM Chapter 199 by gallured SPOILER, DGM Chapter 199 :icongallured:gallured 200 29 KandaAlma by Purple-Meow KandaAlma :iconpurple-meow:Purple-Meow 89 5 Our Moment, and Our Moment Alone by TeenEchelon2195 Our Moment, and Our Moment Alone :iconteenechelon2195:TeenEchelon2195 50 4 Allen and Kanda manga by heyhey00 Allen and Kanda manga :iconheyhey00:heyhey00 244 26 DGM trinity by Purple-Meow DGM trinity :iconpurple-meow:Purple-Meow 77 3 Kanda and Alma by Delila2110 Kanda and Alma :icondelila2110:Delila2110 98 5 Lotus flowers by setsuzuki Lotus flowers :iconsetsuzuki:setsuzuki 71 38 eternal love by Delila2110 eternal love :icondelila2110:Delila2110 116 11 Ch. 195: Allen by blackened-skin Ch. 195: Allen :iconblackened-skin:blackened-skin 102 12