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BTLG - Wanton Desire - 2p Spain x Reader
A strange feeling of being watched made you breath hard.
You didn’t open your eyes thinking you were in a dream.
Something smelled foul.
“Yuck!” You sat straight up covering your nose. “Ugh! It smells disgusting!”
The smell was like months old trash; filled with maggots and flies.
“Gross!” You looked around to find the repulsive smell when your eyes settled on a white bull.
Usually when one sees a white bull they would exclaim, “Oh how pretty~!” But no.
This bull had red eyes with black slits for pupils. Its coat didn’t have a healthy sheen; it was sickly. The coat’s luster reminisced with green snot than a pure white. As your nose tried to recognize the odor it gave off, you realized it didn’t smell like trash… it smelled like bodies.
It smelled like Death.
The bull inched closer to you.
A warning bell w
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Oh Alejandro...
// I am pretending that on TDWT Alejandro, was sent home, and he confessed his love for her before he left//
Enjoy! :D
Oh Alejandro, I miss you so much... Why did you have to get voted off, leaving me all alone on this stupid show...  
*Flash Back*
"And Alejandro takes the Drop of Shame." With the a smirk on Chris's lips
"Adios. I guess. Hey Owen can you..." the last part was barely audible to anyone, except for the boy with the blonde hair.
"Okay Al I will." Alejandro's eye twitched a little but let it slide, because Owen was doing a favor for him.
And with that final thought, Alejandro took a graceful jump from the hazardous plane.  Just like that he was gone from the plane, and gone from the game.
*end of Flash back*
Looking at the rose he left me, tears streaked down my cheeks. Oh Alejandro. A single rose with sharp thorns and velvet red petals was all I had to remember him, and it would die in a week or less.
"Hey Heather?" slowly turning around I saw it was Ow
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