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Her Favorite Prank by NEOmi-triX Her Favorite Prank :iconneomi-trix:NEOmi-triX 1,107 235 Right on Time by Flobelebelebobele Right on Time :iconflobelebelebobele:Flobelebelebobele 334 150 Imperial Storytime by franklando Imperial Storytime :iconfranklando:franklando 368 45 PixeloPhilia2 by omercetin PixeloPhilia2 :iconomercetin:omercetin 1,310 278 disaster by ramtin-s disaster :iconramtin-s:ramtin-s 1,192 98 Red Riding Helmet 25th century by IsraLlona Red Riding Helmet 25th century :iconisrallona:IsraLlona 920 113 Wake Up by HaughtyFlaki Wake Up :iconhaughtyflaki:HaughtyFlaki 639 84 GND160 - Goblinogram by Pika-la-Cynique GND160 - Goblinogram :iconpika-la-cynique:Pika-la-Cynique 1,106 420 Good morning sunshine by stardixa Good morning sunshine :iconstardixa:stardixa 492 50 Pink Alarm Clock Avatar by Kezzi-Rose Pink Alarm Clock Avatar :iconkezzi-rose:Kezzi-Rose 764 70 Too Much Left 4 Dead by artofdawn Too Much Left 4 Dead :iconartofdawn:artofdawn 751 130 Merry Snowday by Lady-Tori Merry Snowday :iconlady-tori:Lady-Tori 585 20 Dreamspace Reloaded 16 by DenisOlivier Dreamspace Reloaded 16 :icondenisolivier:DenisOlivier 209 47 Stop the Alarm by naked-in-the-rain Stop the Alarm :iconnaked-in-the-rain:naked-in-the-rain 338 14 PokemonBW subway master by kawacy PokemonBW subway master :iconkawacy:kawacy 902 26
Sad Blue Eyes
When I was little, my mom used to carry me everywhere. She would cradle my pudgy pale body and rock me back and forth, watching me as I cuddled close to her warm body. My mom's eyes were big and blue, but were always terribly sad when they saw me. On the days when her eyes would become so glossy raindrops fell off her face, my mom would roll up my dress sleeve to reveal a delicate bangle resting around my wrist. "Your number suits you…sweet like berries…" she would coo in my ear, "Palmer and Rodney don't have numbers as sweet as yours." Her voice would weaken and shake whenever I asked what my number was.
I didn't understand why it bothered her so much. It was really pretty bangle, with intricate detail work that was designed to look like silver stems. Those stems led to sixteen bronze daisies, where a moonstone was in the center of each one. No one I knew had a bracelet as lovely as mine. My brothers' bracelets were plain and boring-- iron bands with a lot of small gems rand
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Wake Up by BlackJack0919 Wake Up :iconblackjack0919:BlackJack0919 451 87 Pink Lovers 07 - VxB doujin by nenee Pink Lovers 07 - VxB doujin :iconnenee:nenee 520 73 Fornawa 025 - Clolarm by BradSimonian Fornawa 025 - Clolarm :iconbradsimonian:BradSimonian 106 32 The CMC learning a moral lesson the hard way. by Dunnstar The CMC learning a moral lesson the hard way. :icondunnstar:Dunnstar 573 91 Stuck in Grass by wdnest Stuck in Grass :iconwdnest:wdnest 219 9 FREE STOCK, Clock 2 by mmp-stock FREE STOCK, Clock 2 :iconmmp-stock:mmp-stock 269 64
one a.m.
i couldn't sleep. i was too busy tossing and turning and throwing my pillow at the shadows dancing in my room.
i tried counting sheep, but somehow, one became two became three became fifty became purple became what the hell is wrong with me?
two a.m.
i glanced at my phone and thought about calling you. and then i realized that you're never the one to call me, and that stung, and i decided to count the stains on my ceiling instead.
some idiot set his car alarm off, and the other cars answered, forming an odd sort of melody.
i wanted to answer with a scream of my own, but i forced it to stay in.
three a.m.
sleep was calling my phone, but i couldn't find it to answer. i wondered if i lost it.
four a.m.
i finished counting the stains, and there were twenty-six on my ceiling. the shadows were laughing at me - or maybe it was me, laughing at myself.
i stumbled through my closet to find my phone, finally answering to sleep.
six a.m.
'alyssa.' i didn't reply.
'alyssa.' louder,
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CommColour - Ifrit187 by funkyalien CommColour - Ifrit187 :iconfunkyalien:funkyalien 527 55 school girl crush by leodhach school girl crush :iconleodhach:leodhach 2,712 229 Warning Beacons by Grosnez Warning Beacons :icongrosnez:Grosnez 310 9
hit the alarm
For six years I lived in supermarket doorways
and threw up dry soil. I could have died
I should have
not lied. I have not been to logic class
for three weeks, our task is to determine
consistency. Pen lids can not stop ink
unwinding downstairs, expanding
into last year
where a father opens his fingers
and touches cake wrappers.
He tied a dog chain around his child's neck
for all the stories she told and dirty plates she left
by the cream sofa, then he said goodnight to his wife
with chemical lips
thirty eight minutes later.
This is the room where trees die
and mathematics are always wrong. I make jokes
about the zeros on the wall and try to add them up
before they slip through the gaps in my throat.
I cannot stop them. When I was five
my best friend had legs like breadsticks, she went shopping
with her mother every weekend while mine pushed hoovers
and prescription drugs
into her palms.
I love her through time machines
My cousin ate yoghurt in a caravan
and always washed the d
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Strawberry reaction
     An Alaskan storm introduced itself to the weather three nights ago. It shook me straight from dreaming about (really, remembering) a dance with an elderly man, my feet placed off the ground onto the tops of his shoes. A balancing act. I awoke to four-fifty five, followed by a fleeting FLASH before truly registering the dark and the storm itself. I sat up in bed to peer out the window when a FLASH FLASHED again. For a split second, the room shone brighter than day. Somewhere close by, lightning had entered conversation. The sky grumbled in response as thunder fought for last word.
     Then, again
          white  FLASH,
           bright FLASH.
Lightning never spoke again though. Within minutes I found myself sitting bolt upright in total darkness.
     It hadn't rained so unforgivingly the e
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Rude Awakening by CodeNameZimbabwe Rude Awakening :iconcodenamezimbabwe:CodeNameZimbabwe 416 176
Regrets-Human Warrior cats fanfiction P.1
As the alarm clock buzzed, displaying 7:15, Lightningclaw reached out her hand to turn it off . She felt and empty space beside her so she guessed that Tigerclaw must have woken up already and gone downstairs.
Lightningclaw stretched and yawned, then got out of bed and walked over to the bedrrom window.She was a young brunette with long hair and blue eyes, and her and Tigerclaw were married a couple of weeks but weren't planing on having kids any time soon unlike most of their colleges and other people by the lake all had 2 or more.
'I really dont know wheather I should go to work today' Lightningclaw wondered to her self, since she made the wrong choice of going out and staying at the pub for ages on a Sunday night. Even though it was mostly her fault, Lightningclaw couldnt even keep her eyes open and crawled back into bed when she heard Tigerclaw walking up the stair.
"Morning" he said, smiling and entering the room. He was holding a tray with a cup of cofe and 2 toast and had a towe
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Twilight and the Smoke Alarm
All was quiet in the clear peaceful night as Luna's moon slowly moved across the sky, bathing everything in a cold light. Downwards from the sky sat the small town of Ponyville; all lights were off and an incredible calmness reigned the streets. Some party animals were still awake and were gathered in an underground basement, which was used as a night club. But there was another particular building that's more of our interest.
The library, which was made out of a tree housed a unique unicorn; one that would not be having a pleasant night. This unicorn was the one and only Twilight Sparkle, Celestia's most faithful student and protégée.
Twilight was fast asleep, wonderfully and peacefully resting in her bed. The covers and pillows were a shade of color that seemed to match the mare perfectly; her mane was groomed and styled… for now. Nearby in his basket slept a small purple scaled dragon that puffed smoke out as he dreamt of what dragons dreamt.
All was calm… until.
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Sleepy days by adrianismyname Sleepy days :iconadrianismyname:adrianismyname 223 27 Love is... Best Alarm by hjstory Love is... Best Alarm :iconhjstory:hjstory 577 16
'Dad, I'm pregnant.'
His first instinct was to drive to Mark's house and beat the shit out of him.  He did, and then went straight back home.  She was standing in the driveway.
'Dad!  What have you done?'
He opened the door.  The first thing to catch his eye was the calendar.
Shit.  April first.
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wake-up call. by bigcitydreams wake-up call. :iconbigcitydreams:bigcitydreams 168 19 Stories of an MGS Moron 2 by zarla Stories of an MGS Moron 2 :iconzarla:zarla 452 122 Follow the red arrows by Lonarca Follow the red arrows :iconlonarca:Lonarca 106 28