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Alabaster Dragon by drachenmagier Alabaster Dragon :icondrachenmagier:drachenmagier 336 89 Pure Alabaster by drachenmagier Pure Alabaster :icondrachenmagier:drachenmagier 1,231 234 Alabaster Lilies, Pink by stormcarver Alabaster Lilies, Pink :iconstormcarver:stormcarver 698 54 Ineffable Process Tutorial by vtas Ineffable Process Tutorial :iconvtas:vtas 744 42 Mini Alabaster Gladiola, II by stormcarver Mini Alabaster Gladiola, II :iconstormcarver:stormcarver 382 42 The Summoning by MarcoHerrera The Summoning :iconmarcoherrera:MarcoHerrera 157 97 Hand, Carved from Alabaster Stone by FaisalAlahmad Hand, Carved from Alabaster Stone :iconfaisalalahmad:FaisalAlahmad 476 104
What You Need
What You Need
I can be the beast within,
I can be your alabaster skin
I can be your raging desire,
I can set your whole world on fire
I can be your every dream,
I can be your sanctity
I can be the times you scream,
I can be what you need!
I can be just what you need,
And I think you know it,
Every time you look at me!
I can be just what you need,
I can be the blood from you,
That you watch bleed!
I can be,
I can be...
What you need!
I can be what you thirst for,
I can be the one who sweeps you to the floor
I can be your alibi,
I can be all the things that you deny
I can be the music in your veins,
I can be the sonic fusion inside your brain
I can be everything you see,
I can be what you need!
I can be just what you need,
And I think you know it,
Every time you look at me!
I can be just what you need,
I can be the blood from you,
That you watch bleed!
I can be,
I can be...
What you need!
What you need!
The lust...that you have for life,
I can be!
The fear...that you have of the night,
:iconthesekrimzonflames:TheseKrimzonFlames 48 74
Totenkopfaeffchen by darkalabaster Totenkopfaeffchen :icondarkalabaster:darkalabaster 823 52 Alabaster Monarch by CanisAlbus Alabaster Monarch :iconcanisalbus:CanisAlbus 412 7 Raven Queen by MarcoHerrera Raven Queen :iconmarcoherrera:MarcoHerrera 144 63 JoinMe Fusions by Pikokko JoinMe Fusions :iconpikokko:Pikokko 538 25 Art Trade: Tha'lariel Duran by barn-swallow Art Trade: Tha'lariel Duran :iconbarn-swallow:barn-swallow 165 56 Shines Like A Diamond by Daniel-SG Shines Like A Diamond :icondaniel-sg:Daniel-SG 515 82 Lady In Red 07 by Taversia Lady In Red 07 :icontaversia:Taversia 209 35 Snow White 1 by Love-n-mascara-STOCK Snow White 1 :iconlove-n-mascara-stock:Love-n-mascara-STOCK 188 28 ivory tower III by Ceecore ivory tower III :iconceecore:Ceecore 200 7 Pinkamena in Alabaster Stone by archiveit1 Pinkamena in Alabaster Stone :iconarchiveit1:archiveit1 102 33 Arabian Nights by Hosio Arabian Nights :iconhosio:Hosio 141 110
A Memory of Ivory
Long, graceful fingers nimbly released her chocolate locks from her loose bun. Her hair unraveled down her back in soft curls as the pins that had held her tresses captive dropped to the floor. Her skin glowed with the same purity as fresh snow. Her eyes shone hazel, two orbs of forgiveness, encased in soft, feather like eyelashes. Her vibrant red lips contrasted intensely against her ivory skin, looking like plump, ripe fruit, tempting to be tasted.
Everything about her was soft, and kind. Her neck was long, and it swooped down elegantly to meet her shoulders and chest with an unearthly grace. Her arms were comforting, and her hands tenderly inviting.
She spoke a language of beauty and wisdom, her every movement singing an intricate tale of love and sorrow. She wore an alabaster dress, and a quiet confidence that stopped many a man in his tracks.
Her hair, now free, danced with the wind as a smile warmed itself across her lips. She bestowed her gaze upon me one last time, and then tur
:iconskybluetattoo:SkyBlueTattoo 22 26
Black Moon by LethalKitten Black Moon :iconlethalkitten:LethalKitten 152 91 NCcd - Alabaster Princess by LoveLiesBleeding2 NCcd - Alabaster Princess :iconloveliesbleeding2:LoveLiesBleeding2 158 4 Alabaster Clouded by TheMeggers Alabaster Clouded :iconthemeggers:TheMeggers 154 18 Sonic Origin Wallpaper by Pichu-Chan Sonic Origin Wallpaper :iconpichu-chan:Pichu-Chan 407 114 Lady In Red 02 by Taversia Lady In Red 02 :icontaversia:Taversia 179 21 Yin-Yang by Aisii Yin-Yang :iconaisii:Aisii 1,190 132 Hanging by a moment by NeciaNavine Hanging by a moment :iconnecianavine:NeciaNavine 331 25 Mama Adelaide Intervenes by Twokinds Mama Adelaide Intervenes :icontwokinds:Twokinds 294 63 Jinx by LethalKitten Jinx :iconlethalkitten:LethalKitten 147 63 Hex by Mystofeles Hex :iconmystofeles:Mystofeles 192 141 Maud Pie in Alabaster Stone by archiveit1 Maud Pie in Alabaster Stone :iconarchiveit1:archiveit1 99 20
alabaster heart
alabaster heart;
love is too much for you to
affiliate with
broken promises
and grief have left you chipped with
streaking cracks dancing
together locked in
embrace unable to break or
reverse the damage
:iconseabelle:seabelle 14 16
NamixVivi - Untitled by Mipeltaja NamixVivi - Untitled :iconmipeltaja:Mipeltaja 296 29 Sleeping Gods by SeaSuds Sleeping Gods :iconseasuds:SeaSuds 60 4 Alabaster by cinquain Alabaster :iconcinquain:cinquain 218 56 Commission: zaaee by challele Commission: zaaee :iconchallele:challele 251 20 Name's Bruce by Pepperoonie Name's Bruce :iconpepperoonie:Pepperoonie 184 31 Comish - OC - Alabaster by oneoftwo Comish - OC - Alabaster :icononeoftwo:oneoftwo 57 6 Lost in the Movement by sculptin Lost in the Movement :iconsculptin:sculptin 52 164 Broken Doll Reaper by SoulKnight18 Broken Doll Reaper :iconsoulknight18:SoulKnight18 71 20 give it to me by AgataThinkyborsky give it to me :iconagatathinkyborsky:AgataThinkyborsky 141 24 Mirror by sparkbearer Mirror :iconsparkbearer:sparkbearer 113 39 Emerald by LethalKitten Emerald :iconlethalkitten:LethalKitten 98 40 Hair 2017 by LethalKitten Hair 2017 :iconlethalkitten:LethalKitten 95 90 Comish - OC - Alabaster 2 by oneoftwo Comish - OC - Alabaster 2 :icononeoftwo:oneoftwo 49 3 I've got soul but I'm no soldier by Glass-Walker I've got soul but I'm no soldier :iconglass-walker:Glass-Walker 66 22
Totentanz I
Dancing on the
Edgeless mountain.
Singing to the
Dying birds.
Why do we not
See the truth?
Why do we always seek to
Run away.
For in the face of the masses
Lies the hidden star of death.
Drowning in the
In the empty hands of our children
Lie the dying angels who used to dream.
Falling from the
Sink into the
Call upon the
In the eyes of the crestfallen
Lie the long forgotten tears,
That used to flow from
Every single one of us.
We play the melodies
Of delusion.
Tell me, lord, what
Can we do,
If our only wish is
To be free from
‘You are the soundless screams.
You are nothing.
You are just baseless lies.
You were never here.
I am the air you breathe.
I am demise.’
:iconalabaster-lucanus:Alabaster-Lucanus 12 5
since we've been wrong by AgataThinkyborsky since we've been wrong :iconagatathinkyborsky:AgataThinkyborsky 123 16