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Rise and Shine by acidlullaby Rise and Shine :iconacidlullaby:acidlullaby 2,460 190 Dola - Castle in The Sky by nicholaskole Dola - Castle in The Sky :iconnicholaskole:nicholaskole 837 49 Tess by UlaFish Tess :iconulafish:UlaFish 139 2 Bog week 2 by JHarren Bog week 2 :iconjharren:JHarren 452 53 Arvante character concept by NightmareGK13 Arvante character concept :iconnightmaregk13:NightmareGK13 164 6 Steampunk Clockwork Raven Eye by Namingway Steampunk Clockwork Raven Eye :iconnamingway:Namingway 147 14 Air Pirates by NightmareGK13 Air Pirates :iconnightmaregk13:NightmareGK13 188 10 Alesia character concept by NightmareGK13 Alesia character concept :iconnightmaregk13:NightmareGK13 107 31 Jackie Rose - The Escape by Josh-Ulrich Jackie Rose - The Escape :iconjosh-ulrich:Josh-Ulrich 232 57 Ohulaev by kalaadrius Ohulaev :iconkalaadrius:kalaadrius 100 36 Heart of Recumen by Aikurisu Heart of Recumen :iconaikurisu:Aikurisu 129 39 Big Fish by Aikurisu Big Fish :iconaikurisu:Aikurisu 103 20 20$ Sketch Commission Special! by Sabtastic 20$ Sketch Commission Special! :iconsabtastic:Sabtastic 74 11 ToT: Ran Fullbody by Saiko-Akarui ToT: Ran Fullbody :iconsaiko-akarui:Saiko-Akarui 274 29 Vyse - Raid on the Monoceros by Icetigris Vyse - Raid on the Monoceros :iconicetigris:Icetigris 56 14 The Passanger by spritepirate The Passanger :iconspritepirate:spritepirate 73 5
Captain Sphinx and The Witch of the Carpathians 1
Eastern Europe: 1935
“General quarters! General quarters! Contacts spotted,” the voice on the intercom shouted.
The alarm klaxon, an irritating warbling sound, went off immediately after. A group of five men wearing flight helmets, goggles, and leather jackets threw down their card game and rushed from the parlor.
All over the zeppelin, crew ran to their stations. Despite being the youngest of the Misfit Squadron, Captain Sphinx was the highest ranking member. He lead the way through the chaotic passages, careful not to bang his head on a support beam as they arrived at the hangar. He was satisfied to find the doors open and the three biplanes props already started.
The planes, two Bristol F2B’s and one P6 Hawk, hung from a special hook that could be quickly detached and send them plummeting for a quick launch. His companions, Tex and Webste
:iconmercenaryblade:MercenaryBlade 11 15
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1x03 Rosa Raines and the Vanishing Airship(part 2)
Some things you can only learn by random experience. For example, it quickly became apparent that being tethered to two frantically rocking, indecipherably squealing women can make it considerably harder to escape from restraints.
      'Phthp phtrggln', dmmmt!,' I snapped at them, prepared to trade almost any other moment in my life to have my mouth taped shut. They didn't seem to understand my polite instruction, and I couldn't entirely blame them.
      It was hard to even move my fingers with the three of us pressed together like this, but I managed to get a hold of the rope binding Eliza's arms. Unfortunately, the knot seemed to be tied too low for me to reach--unlike my own, which I could feel pressing painfully against my forearms. I tapped Eliza's arm. She stopped making a racket and turned to me.
      'Hmmm,' I grunted, jerking my head in the general direction of my arms. She turned her neck as far as it would seemingly go, her eye
:iconrosierosa:Rosierosa 20 10
The Crew of the HMS Valkyrie by sjbonnar The Crew of the HMS Valkyrie :iconsjbonnar:sjbonnar 40 46 Sky Pirates by Animeshen Sky Pirates :iconanimeshen:Animeshen 51 1 Look No Hands by shelbs2 Look No Hands :iconshelbs2:shelbs2 29 19 Air Piratess - Engineer by theIronArtist Air Piratess - Engineer :icontheironartist:theIronArtist 25 2 I only believe in power by GoblinHordeStudios I only believe in power :icongoblinhordestudios:GoblinHordeStudios 87 29 SATURDAY MORNINGS FOREVER: TALESPIN by WOLVERINE25TH SATURDAY MORNINGS FOREVER: TALESPIN :iconwolverine25th:WOLVERINE25TH 24 19 supernovas by abnormalchild supernovas :iconabnormalchild:abnormalchild 76 6 The Vulture Lives by PUFFINSTUDIOS The Vulture Lives :iconpuffinstudios:PUFFINSTUDIOS 20 13 Unknow Air Pirates by mezasalvador Unknow Air Pirates :iconmezasalvador:mezasalvador 39 10