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Mini Chibi Tutorial by xephia Mini Chibi Tutorial :iconxephia:xephia 3,905 249 Drosselmeyer is a Cool Guy by JohnSu Drosselmeyer is a Cool Guy :iconjohnsu:JohnSu 3,531 739 Princess Tutu by staticwind Princess Tutu :iconstaticwind:staticwind 6,260 556 Revolutionary Girls by Kaze-Hime Revolutionary Girls :iconkaze-hime:Kaze-Hime 10,997 693 Princess Tutu by emilynguyenart Princess Tutu :iconemilynguyenart:emilynguyenart 5,481 343 Will You Dance - Princess Tutu by Courtoon Will You Dance - Princess Tutu :iconcourtoon:Courtoon 2,390 252 Princess Tutu: Swan by Astarohime Princess Tutu: Swan :iconastarohime:Astarohime 1,245 149 Princess Tutu: Odette by Astarohime Princess Tutu: Odette :iconastarohime:Astarohime 637 96 Birds of Prey - Princess Tutu by Courtoon Birds of Prey - Princess Tutu :iconcourtoon:Courtoon 598 149 Fakiru Week 2011 Inspiration by duvete Fakiru Week 2011 Inspiration :iconduvete:duvete 999 172
The real ending-Princess Tutu
Ahiru was now used to her life as a duck. She didn't wake up in the morning worrying about being late for class like she did at first. She missed dancing with her friends, but had learned to watch happily from a distance. And her life as a duck was much simpler then her human life.
The only important detail she had to remember was to be at the dock at the edge of the pond at noon.
"I'm late! I'm late!" Ahiru panicked as she raced across the water. When she reached the dock she sighed with relief. "Fakir is still here!" She thought. "Quack! Qua-quack!" she called out to him.
"Hey, Ahiru." Fakir replied.
She tried to hop onto the dock. "Qua-qua-quack. Qua-qua-quack." Fakir smiled and knelt down, scooped her up and set her on the dock. "You look a little frazzled. Maybe this will help." Fakir pulled some bread out of his bag and pulled some pieces off for her to nibble on. Ahiru gratefully began to eat.
Fakir settled down in his usual chair and began to write. After Ahiru finished her sna
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Love in Youth
"Duck! Give it back!" A young man clad in white chased after a young woman with red hair pulled back in a thick braid.
The woman laughed. "Catch me first, Fakir!" she called back, holding a feather quill above her head. Sunlight glinted off a gold band on her left ring finger.
"Why you moron... prankster!" Fakir yelled back, continuing the chase. She laughed even harder at that. They ran through the meadow, treading white and yellow flowers underneath them. Both of them were smiling through the chase despite Fakir's earlier words. Once Fakir could almost touch the hem of her long skirt trailing behind her, but she darted away before he could get closer. Panting, he stopped and rested his hands on his knees and heaved to catch his breath.
Duck turned around when his footsteps stopped. "Oh, c'mon, you giving up already?" she complained, looking back and crossing her arms.
Panting, Fakir lifted his head to look at her. He smiled wryly. "Nope!" He sprinted forward. Duck squealed and turned
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PRINCESS TUTU by gladyfaith PRINCESS TUTU :icongladyfaith:gladyfaith 1,378 63 Ahiru::::Princess Tutu:::: by Witchiko Ahiru::::Princess Tutu:::: :iconwitchiko:Witchiko 178 94 Barrier - Princess Tutu by Courtoon Barrier - Princess Tutu :iconcourtoon:Courtoon 315 47
Throughout Ahiru's time as Princess Tutu she had met many interesting and, down right odd people. There had been Hermia-san, the girl who delivered love letters as Bottom-san, a woman who ran a restaurant in the woods, and various animal-people, but the most eccentric of them all by far had been Femio-san . . .
. . . and he only seemed to have gotten worse with time.
It had been four months since Fakir had turned her human again, and while people had not remembered her though Charon did, he said it was hard to forget the one girl Fakir didn't hate at his school, Ahiru had blushed at that she had made friends with Pique and Lillie again, and she was once again enrolled in the academy. Life had been good for Ahiru, she was still incredibly clumsy but without having to worry about heart shards, and ravens she'd been able to focus more on dancing, and with Fakir's help she was getting better.
Now Ahiru clearly remembered the first time she met Femio-san, he wasn't someone you can r
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