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Tutorial: Drawing Ethnic Hair :iconmulattafury:mulattaFURY 2,276 98 africa :iconneo2055:neo2055 2,441 470 Garnet from Steven Universe :iconwilliamfenholt:WilliamFenholt 2,270 155 Mistress Snake :iconlarbesta:Larbesta 1,832 56 Portrait Studies :icongiselleukardi:giselleukardi 1,376 73 Proud Fam Grown :iconpayle:PayLe 2,505 156 Himba Girl :iconenohla:enohla 627 90 Desert Queen :icongiselleukardi:giselleukardi 892 123 Submersion :iconjoeyv7:joeyv7 1,110 369 a love supreme :iconbittergrapes:BitterGrapes 1,888 242 Walking Dead Michonne :icontheonlybriman47:theonlybriman47 971 45 Bird Queen - 1 :iconzirtuan:ZirTuan 2,010 216 M A L I A :iconsmojojo:smojojo 563 36
Skeleton Boy Saves His Skin
O' Gather 'round, children.  I'll tell you a tale
Of a skeleton boy who was bony and pale.
For the first act, our story is all fun and games
But at the end of part one, we see everything changes
We see Skeleton Boy's snatched by the prince of all darkness.
'Tis back to trickster mythology that this storyline harkens.
And so Skeleton Boy must get out of this fix
And find ways to outsmart all his captors with tricks
So prepare for fantastical mischief in:
Skeleton Boy Saves His Skin
by Thomas Boguszewski

Deep underground, there was a boy who was dead
Then out of the ground popped his skeleton head.
He pulled his dead body up through all the red stone
And sat, his head rattling, upon his old headstone.
Skeleton Boy wanted mischievous fun
So he took to his heels and had a good run.
Our hero was hungry, and he saw a big rabbit,
So he set up a trap in order to nab it.
Once the rabbit was caught, the boy made rabbit stew.
But since he was bones, it fell right on through.
Soon after tha
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Hip Hop Thesis [Ongoing Study]
      Music has long since been a part of human culture and has served not only as a means of enjoyment and congregation, but also as a link between humans that connects like-minded individuals together and helps to give explanation to the practices of people. The Hip-Hop genre, or rather art form, is one of many different shades of emotion, and it expresses these emotions with a plethora of different lyrics, some which may and often do offend others. For that reason Hip-Hop is often labeled as being the most negative form of music in modern history. Though hip-hop does have it's darker sides, these deep areas of emotion in hip-hop's repertoire of songs are often misunderstood. Hip-Hop, as a genre, should not be criticized because of its "negatively influential lyrics," as its positives outweigh it's negatives. Hip-Hop has given more support to the inner city youth of America than any other form of music or entertainment in the past 50 years or more. Becau
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It began in the quietest hours of the night. Granny was snoring up a storm, her bed creaking with each breath and twitch of her bigness. That's always the first thing I remember, thinking back. She always snored in the same way Pappy revved up the engines of his prized Cadillac. Loud, proud, and never ending.
I s'pose I should start with what happened before hand. Nothing will make sense if I don't. It don't make no sense anyhow, but the story won't be right if I don't start before everything got bad.   
So we were in the market, Granny and I. We go every Sunday while my parents and siblings are at praise and worship with most of the rest of the town. We get all the best stuff that way without havin to elbow our way through the hordes of people doin their last minute shoppin for Sunday dinner. Granny always said that the best book couldn't keep her from making Sunday dinner, and no man in the sky gonna keep her from her shoppin.
"Jerry, you got them apples for me?" Grann
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Berrylicious Part 1

    “I don’t really wanna be the queen,
I really don’t want to live this…”
    With those final words, she strummed the last cord on her guitar as the music died down.  She took a breath and said, “Thank you all.”
    There was applause in the room, even a few people stood up to do so.  Babs smiled as she packed up her guitar in its case and strolled down the steps of the stage.  The young woman, rather white and around 22 or so, returned to her seat in the restaurant, brushing her light blonde hair from her face.  It was open mike night at one of favorite hangouts, where the owners let anyone up to sing and play for the customers.  It cost a few bucks, but she didn’t mind.  Babs loved to sing and play her guitar even though she wasn’t exactly great at singing in front of large
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Taysia - Wrinkled Soles :iconprettyfeetandlegs:prettyfeetandlegs 350 15
Mahogany Fine Art Magazine by BASO #2

Mahogany Magazine Featured Artist

About BASO: 
is an international, multi-genre, online community of artists and art lovers. Mahogany Fine Art Magazine is a quarterly publication that features Afro-Ethnic Artworks from its online communities.
You can find us at and in most popular social spots!
As promised here is our 2nd teaser journal, I am working on numerous projects at once but I am always excited to take a break and do some writing!  I am super stoked for this magazine to be published, does it show? lol :-)  Here is a sneak peak at my desktop, my artwork is there only as a placeholder...this will NOT be the cover but she looks good right? lol

Without further ado here is our 2nd list of amazing artist for the premier issue of Mahogany Fine Art Magazine which will be made public on November 15, 2016!


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Brown-Tubbs Summer Vacation :icon5ifty:5ifty 790 13 Disney Heroes - Dr. Sweet by David Kawena :icondavidkawena:davidkawena 2,384 510 Sarah Bare Soles :iconprettyfeetandlegs:prettyfeetandlegs 244 9 Steamcon IV Artists' Alley :iconshoomlah:shoomlah 1,287 72 The Princess and the Frog - 01 :icondavidkawena:davidkawena 3,661 365 Age Meme - Riley (The Boondocks) :iconicarus-skollsun:Icarus-Skollsun 252 25 Scraps - 10,000 Views Milestone Set 3 :iconmike973:mike973 207 4 Office Building 2 :iconmike973:mike973 218 5 Mrs. Trudy Proud :icon5ifty:5ifty 628 13 Scraps - 10,000 Views Milestone Set 1 :iconmike973:mike973 203 5