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McRomance by TPollockJR McRomance :icontpollockjr:TPollockJR 1,451 396 Amy Cheats on Sonic by Midcity-Cartoons Amy Cheats on Sonic :iconmidcity-cartoons:Midcity-Cartoons 909 261
you show me a bottle of advil. you say to me, “if i swallow all these pain pills at once, do you think i’ll finally stop hurting?”
“you shouldn’t joke about that,” i say.
in retrospect, i should have been grateful.
it was the only joke you’d ever told where i wasn’t the punchline.
i’d like to write your name in a bathroom stall. i’d like to come back every day, checking for tears in sharpie’d letters. for a “he’s such a scumbag.” for a “you’re not alone.”
i guess i want to think that you’re a criminal mastermind. i want to think that you’re a serial heartbreaker. i want to think out there, somewhere, is somebody else like me, who you’ve hurt.
(i know you’re none of those things. i know that you’re just a boy – and, really.
that's the saddest part of all.)
i taught you how to stargaze, and how to uncross your arms and let people in
:iconcolbalt-rain:colbalt-rain 372 141
history remembers.
history repeats itself.
i realize this the fourth time i find myself on a couch
with the head of a boy i don’t know
between my stiff, nonresponding legs.
i realize this on the third sip of alcohol. on the fourth.
the fifth. the eleventh. the first time i black out. the eighth.
history repeats itself
and i am napoleon marching across russia
and i only pretend the water is poisoned.
i only pretend the earth is burned to ground.
i pretend that destruction is inevitable
and that help is not an option.
we got close, him and i.
sometimes you get so close to a person
you can feel their lips stiffen
when you try to kiss them.
sometimes you get close to a person,
under them, between damp sheets.
they never stop believing
that you are beneath them.
“help me,” he says. i say okay.
he tells me to sleep with him later
so i say the wrong name in bed,
but so does he;
he means it,
i say it because it’s the only way i can
:iconcolbalt-rain:colbalt-rain 97 30
Untitled Sonnet
To show the judge your now-tormented soul,
      You keep your gaze as blank as one can be.
The witness said that you were white and whole
       And withered only after meeting me.
Described by Mother as a precious flow’r
      That bloomed in beauty ev’ry passing day,
They say that I took but a single hour
      To steal your sacred innocence away.
But I would argue it had fled years past
      Before my hands could ever reach your skin,
For where can any innocence yet last
      Where one is feeding darkness deep within?
Alas, I know that this case you will win,
      Although ’twas you who begged for us to sin.
:icondoreikage:Doreikage 64 42
you loved someone.
Chloe is nineteen when she dies.
She ends it with a shotgun
the night her brother gets out
on parole.
They say he molested her
they say
he raped nine women
ten eleven twelve women
they say no
it was nine little girls
ten eleven twelve
little girls, kids, the bastard.
They say
he was a bad man
they say
“No wonder she did it.
If he was my blood
I’d’ve done it, too.”
You go to the funeral
because that’s what good people
because your mother asks you
“You want to go to Heaven,
don’t you?”
without looking up from her knitting
and you would laugh in her face,
but she’s your mother
and you love her
so you go.
A man you know stops you –
a friend of John’s  –
John, who is not yours anymore
but Chloe’s
(even now, even in death,
you know he’ll keep her
longer than he kept you)
on your way to the bathroom.
“John really loved her, y’know,” the man says
as if you wouldn
:iconcolbalt-rain:colbalt-rain 501 296
The blue note bends
The atmosphere
Pulls their dancing bodies down
Towards the other’s
Pulls them both
Away from remembering
And towards the door
Of forgetting
Forgetting where
They should have been hours ago
Forgetting the promises
They once made to others
Their drunkenness blurs
The borders between
Their two separate bodies
Their separate pounding hearts
:iconequivoque:equivoque 32 21
Adultery by jazzylemonade Adultery :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 260 82
birthday boy
afternoons are lazy now spent in front
of the window with a glass
of wine vodka coffee
holy champagne
I drink till I feel nothing
but the shadows still dance
and your eyes I see so close
so real lovely as untainted as before
shine like that diamond ring
bet you thought I wouldn't come
but the party was dull without your hand in mine
great logic great mind great plans
burnt down the moment you smiled at me
and brushed away with just one move of
her hips
:iconamarum:Amarum 24 19
Infidelity by brentcherry Infidelity :iconbrentcherry:brentcherry 35 14
Sinner and Whore
I'm a sinner
I'm a whore
Place the A upon my chest
I'll admit
I wanted more
As his lips touched my breast
Secret love
Behind locked doors
Carnal bliss traded
For soul's unrest
To think our love will see the light
Is a dream
Is a lie
Screams of joy
Screams of pain
My world shatters when he departs
For then
Reality coldly sets in
And in this dark
I feel the breaking of my heart
To think our love will see the light
Is a dream
Is a lie
Does he know my heart?
Would he even care?
Does he feel the same?
Would he ever tell?
Should I speak?
I wouldn't dare!
Will we silently suffer until Hell?
When Satan gives us burdens to bear
Then can our love excel?
To think our love will see the light
Is a dream
Is a lie
My King
My Master
How I love you so
I'd kiss the Gates of Hell
Just to be with you
If you feel the same
Let me know
Let us be one
Forever I'll stay true
My heart
My body
My soul
All to you
You have the power to make it true
All by saying
"I love you"
:iconashpnx:AshPnX 19 38
The End by MaliceBathory The End :iconmalicebathory:MaliceBathory 119 45 12/52 My Diary of Dying Roses by VelvetRedBullet 12/52 My Diary of Dying Roses :iconvelvetredbullet:VelvetRedBullet 139 32 (BOWL XIII) Human Validation by BenGoodspeed (BOWL XIII) Human Validation :iconbengoodspeed:BenGoodspeed 89 26 Mea culpa by esstera Mea culpa :iconesstera:esstera 108 82 The Grief of Judah by kevissimo The Grief of Judah :iconkevissimo:kevissimo 181 56 The cross of all our human sin by jesterry The cross of all our human sin :iconjesterry:jesterry 70 62
Unwitting Temptress
Do you realise how pretty you are
Your blue eyes tenderly smouldering?
My rationality's run so far
Your look at me softly lingering
The mind sins wildly when you're well-dressed
A specimen of youth and purity
Just a turn and a look, the resolve is messed
And the soul cries out for adultery
I ache to stroke your bleach-blonde hair
And feel your soft, fair skin
Life isn't supposed to be fair
Against Jesus who can win?
Is this just God's dark sense of humour?
A nun with the look of a pin-up girl
Who stirs desire with playful demeanour
And leaves all the men in a whirl
:icondai-vee:dai-vee 14 2
With This Renaissance Affair
wishing you were
tangled in dragon tails,
hoping your tongue asphyxiates
the growing myths in that
clever throat.
masquerade dreams will be your sole
     {it'll be where you find
             the love of
                your life.}
:iconatlantic-lungs:atlantic-lungs 15 7
An itch without a root,
Time without measure,
Music forever silent.
Days overlapping,
Into unencumbered
Decimals and numbers
If I can speak without
The entanglements
Of syntax and letters,
Would you listen
If I ran until my
Feet bled a path,
Blood against snow
(Always glistens).
Would you follow,
Tracing my steps,
With precision.
Or am I trapped
Beneath buried fears.
When the mist of
Misplaced affection
Clears, will you stay.
To rebuild an affair?
:icontheineptpoet:TheIneptPoet 12 7
Has No One Condemned You? by willustration Has No One Condemned You? :iconwillustration:willustration 47 10
family history
daddy isn’t who he used to be
who he was
between the crippling
the salvation
the destruction of his idealization
no, this isn’t my daddy
not this man i see
he speaks with my daddy’s voice
that familiar mouth with crooked teeth
but this man isn’t who he used to be
mother isn’t mommy anymore
no, she left that name behind
in the turn of an eye
in the slam of a door
she threw that name on the ground
dug her heel in
until the sparks of her children’s love
was ash, ash, ash
daddy still loves mommy
mommy loves the lottery
mommy loves cheap hotel rooms
mommy loves never calling
unless she’s calling her ex
she lives her life in whispers
averted eyes, held breaths
and she’s screaming in her pillow
crying in the kitchen
daddy sees a therapist
because he thinks he’s the one with something missing
little brother’s in his bedroom
but he’s not so little anymore
he barely speaks to anyone
got his hands in the hair
of a two-faced whore
:iconlustingforlove:LustingforLove 12 3
Midnight Dancer (Give Me Something)
Sleep talker
Cloud nine walker
Have you met the midnight dancer?
Late at night
In the neon light
She prowls like a jungle panther
With glowing eyes
Like a bright sunrise
She crawls through the smoke and mirrors
Listen close
After all her shows
In the alley you can hear her
“Give me a dollar for your time”
“Give me a ride, and you’re all mine”
“Give me a hit, if you’ve got drugs to share”
“Or if you’re a lawman, I don’t care”
“Just give me something”
“I’ll take anything; give me something”
“Give me something”
Rule player
Bible belt crusader
Came upon the midnight dancer
Underneath her dress
She begins to confess
She’s put them both in sinful danger
She wipes her face
With a piece of lace
Then kisses her lover’s cheek
It’s a lot to take
When a good girl aches
For a woman that’s dirty and cheap
“Give me a dollar for your time”
:iconrebeccalsmith-media:rebeccalsmith-media 11 2
It's not that I don't believe in love:
I really do.
But love is only fleeting.
I learned that from you.
Fourteen was far too young
to say those three words.
I only know that now
because you taught me they hurt.
I gave you everything.
I left my dignity behind.
All I asked for was love,
And all you gave me was lies.
In one final effort
to win over your heart,
I relinquished my innocence,
But we still fell apart.
After all that I did
to just make you care,
you left me for her
in complete disrepair.
Now I'm too pessimistic
to have faith in a lover.
You made me a skeptic;
I'll never recover.
:iconkeeperskeep:KeepersKeep 11 11
Lady Killer, Ex
Nora wished she could have said that the retrieval went off without a hitch, but nothing ever went off without a hitch when her ex-husband was involved. Oh, certainly the "retrieval" part of the retrieval had gone well—and she could hardly (justifiably) blame him for the emergency landing not halfway to home. Hardly. But, ex-husband and his personality failings aside, underneath her arm was a treasure, safely contained and pristine for the education and adoration the people of the future. Nothing was going to ruin the enjoyment of this vaunted artifact. Not even…
"You know Nora, if I didn't know you so well I would hazard to suggest that our being trapped here together for the night was fate." There was more smirk than charm in the voice.
That's how the snarky son of a witch always got her in—it was like a big, shiny button with Do Not Press written over it in black letters. Granted, that was the most stupid analogy Nora could think of since she'd never had
:iconelainerose:ElaineRose 11 15
A Trip to Remember (TG, Race Change, AP)
Jason couldn’t believe that he was finally in Hawaii for summer vacation. He had been waiting all year for this high school graduation present from his parents; two whole weeks by himself in tropical paradise, free to do almost anything he wanted. For his first day, Jason was getting ready to head down to his hotel’s pool; he could save hitting the waves for later. Plus, he had spotted some scantily clad women and cute girls his age there as he was heading in. While he wasn’t overly optimistic, something about the freedom of the vacation gave him the idea that he might finally be able to lose his v card. After all, Jason wanted this to be a trip to remember.
Feeling a bit parched, Jason opened up his rooms mini fridge to check for drinks. But instead of finding water or soda, all he found was a glass full of a vibrant pink liquid. Jason found the drink a bit strange-looking, but figured it that it must be some complimentary beverage from the hotel. Thirsty as he was,
:iconaddknights:AddKnights 146 4
Igneous Lips by ahurashirashtiani Igneous Lips :iconahurashirashtiani:ahurashirashtiani 207 48
moon and stars reflect
unexpected homecoming
a cuddling couple
silhouetted on the shade
right house, yet my key won’t turn
:iconarwynrie:ArwynRie 17 6
who are you?
i figure i'll end in tragedy.
i'll move to new york city, find a studio
for $1500, write poems during the day,
go to concerts at night,
song write for seven bands destined
to go nowhere, date six girls
who's future will end up nowhere,
get wasted on five different illegal
somethings, country hop to France,
Italy, Denmark, England, meet everyone,
know everyone, have all their
numbers in my three phones,
come home from the clubs two in the
morning, release a book of poetry
hoping it'll be a number one best-seller,
mess with the stars, get
in tabloids, get on tv, get in music
videos, cameos in movies, voice-overs
for commercials, going to book
readings and signing autographs.
i'll be in five car accidents and one
terrifying plane crash that i'll walk
away from. sued twice and sue someone
once. get married, divorced, married,
divorced, married, married, divorced,
divorced (those secret marriages never
work) and try to deny one of three
kids as mine.
i haven't decided how i'll die, but it'l
:iconscribblednotes:ScribbledNotes 10 16
A King Just A Man
A King Just A Man
Once a child, by reign defiled
I vaguely knew this land I styled
By power’s guile, of thousand isles
Still a child by guilt reviled…
Once so long, I’m not as strong
As I claim I’m now among soldiers’ throng
All along, by fate prolonged
This cruel life my strength belonged…
Once before, I ran through doors
But people never knelt on floors
Now ahorse, and leading wars
My respect for self is but my remorse…
Once sometime, I spent but dimes
Now I bathe in gold that I claim as mine
In my prime, in a throne sublime
Emitting grace but committing crimes…
Once my life, like the sky was rife
Now I run on just battlefield’s strife
Others’ wives, I play like fifes
Under justice I hid a knife…
Once so sure, and once so pure
By newfound rule into sin was lured
Sin left spoors, left me insecure
Into a broken man even wealth can’t cure…
Once I dreamed, with ideals teemed
But now I can just be advised
:iconohreemamma:Ohreemamma 9 49 by aelirenn-kw :iconaelirenn-kw:aelirenn-kw 51 4
God and (in)justice
(Gabriel is reading the newspaper, when he suddenly hears God getting angry about something again)
Yahweh: Oh no they didn't!
Gabriel: What's wrong lord?
Yahweh: John Marko just cheated on his girlfriend Janet with her friend Gale!
Gabriel: I see.
Gabriel: Just calm down lord! There's no need for punishment. That night, John and Gale got drunk, and they made love together. The next morning, they both regretted doing it, because they both knew the consequences this would have. The next day, John and Gale got the courage to tell Janet about it. Of course Janet was furious at them, but they eventually managed to convince her that it was all just a drunk mistake, and they were both very sorry about it. John promised Janet that it would never happen again, and that he seriously regretted what happened. Eventually, Janet accepted their apology, and they seem to have worked it all out. So why are you still you mad?
Yahweh: Because he cheated
:iconresponsibleatheist:ResponsibleAtheist 11 9
parted lips
whispered cries
wife's away
:icontreo-legigeo:Treo-LeGigeo 10 15
Game Called Love
I always thought that your feelings for me were true,
that our love was only something for two.
Probably you thought it was a game for four,
for five, for fourteen or for even more...
Unfortunately for me, love made me blind.
It made me vulnerable to people of your kind.
You never treated me as your soulmate,
yet you've thrown me away with lots of hate...
I've given up everything to make you feel delighted,
but, you were just far from excited.
In this game called love you've sacrificed me,
only just to make yourself happy...
And then you pointed at the door,
because I had nothing for you anymore.
Because of you, I gave up my throne,
and thanks to you, I lost my home...
:iconalsonnetje:alsonnetje 10 18
she screamed until her throat bled
she cried to empty ears
she called and begged
Until someone opened the door
And pulled off the boy
Molesting her-
That's the version my mama would have liked-
Over what did happen
That's the version my sister,
Who holds herself back from beating him into the ground every time she sees him
Would have liked
That's the version his daddy will never come close to seeing as a possibility
Because a seven year old girl is capable of lying
Of describing things she'd never seen
Or thought of before
That's the version he was happy she was too naive to create...
I didn't know
When he told me to lie down
And he perched himself on me
And grated his pelvis into mine
What he was trying to do
I didn't know
That he was lying when he said
I would get into deep trouble if I told
That it was my fault
That I was bad
Just like him
I didn't know
That we had different parts
Until he took advantage of that ignorance
I didn't know
It was wrong
It was horrible
That I
:iconfeliciano96:Feliciano96 9 4
Notice: Honesty not Included
They almost looked like the perfect couple
       affectionate smiles, tender kisses
             and hours spent silently gazing into each others eyes
                   Not saying a word, while the world moved by without them
                     if only she had looked deep enough
                                      to see the treachery at the bottom
      And when they were far apart she would write
:iconalways-try:AlwAys-tRy 9 28
I am carefully avoiding
your face on the wall
carefully denying
that you never call
I am telling myself
it'll be okay
words I must repeat
to get through my day
I am carefully pretending
that my tears feel fine
carefully removing
you line by line
erasing you like an
error on this page
locking your words up
inside the dingy cage
inside my little, feverish heart
though nothing could ever make this right
when I find myself still missing you
each and every lonely night
gotta tear down your shrine inside my head
gotta knock down this old house of cards
'cause my heart is empty, and
my joy for life is dead
and speaking your name never felt so hard
So I am carefully pretending
that you don't exist
and carefully ignoring
the memories I miss
but I cannot deny
I cannot pretend
that something hurt worse
than losing you did
:iconoseltamivir:Oseltamivir 9 13
From the Underworld by Wilhelmine From the Underworld :iconwilhelmine:Wilhelmine 24 4 The Sinner by TalesOfNightWing The Sinner :icontalesofnightwing:TalesOfNightWing 49 22
Chilli Squid
I couldn’t get us to fit together anymore. Did it feel awkward for her too? My friend parted from the hug and I wanted her to slap me.
“I’m so hungry,” she said, sitting back down at the booth with her husband. “What took you so long?”
The slap would come later – today for sure – I wouldn’t chicken out. I sat opposite them and almost tried to gulp water from a glass that had not been filled yet.
Laughing off their question, I watched the conveyor belt of small coloured plates pass as by. “It was cold. My bed was warm.”
“Don’t feel bad,” her husband said. He put an arm around my friend. “I like staying in bed too.” He kissed her cheek and she slapped his chest, blushing. I’ve heard it said that you can always trust a person who blushes. He never blushed. I snapped my chopsticks open.
We chose our plates off the belt. I tried to not notice the grace of his hands as he used his sticks or
:iconrieal-dragonsbane:Rieal-Dragonsbane 8 11
My heart, it burns, alight with our passionate fire!
My eyes weep as on a tempestuous day.
My soul does ever blaze, shackled to our love, its eternal pyre!
Has ever a lady endured such tantalizing desire?
Can't I say I resisted, can't I swear I tried, come whatever may?
And make of myself a martyr, as opposed to a common liar?
My circumstances must be absolutely dire,
For one as resilient as I to languish in such disarray.
However did I find myself in this delirious quagmire?
And how did you lose yourself in my perpetual crossfire?
Why did you allow yourself to be led astray?
Brought here, and surrounded by this devastating wildfire?
All these atrocities we allow to transpire!
What profit could we possibly be yielding, anyway?
Encouraging this emotional amplifier?!
How do we rid ourselves of transgressions prior?
How can we rinse the blood away?
How do we locate a peaceful rectifier,
But not squander the passion that started this fire?
:iconchastityrose:ChastityRose 8 39
Shift the light  that blinds my window
Never did know how you did it
Thought I was lonely, then I found out
Birds fly 'cause they have to,
Humans cause they think they do.
You smirk, you wink,
But I see through, I think
Every move you hide so well
You're crystalline, ghostly
Vapors of an era's honor
Even dust motes sparkle when they can
But you submit to no such whims
Beauty rests unbroken by my mirror
Stupid mistake, mirror just won't make
Something out of nothing, real out of fake
Every move you hide so well
You're crystalline, ghostly
Shift the blinds to light my window
Never did see how you did it
Thought I knew why, but then I remembered
Birds fly 'cause they have to,
Humans 'cause they think they do
:iconrazzigyrl:razzigyrl 8 13
Lovely Little Liesure Lay
             It's a lovely little secret.
            Our clandestine meetings
              and sly little greetings.
           Thinking of you in the night
                         and day.
           Playing by rules set by other
                   undercover lovers
   while in the unknowing arms of another.
I'd send you a dozen roses but I don't know
:iconeatingmyownfears:EatingMyOwnFears 8 14
Sinful Music by TalesOfNightWing Sinful Music :icontalesofnightwing:TalesOfNightWing 24 5 Cuckold's horns by 0-Vla-0 Cuckold's horns :icon0-vla-0:0-Vla-0 45 19 Hotel Salvation by absence-is-steel Hotel Salvation :iconabsence-is-steel:absence-is-steel 63 30 Ballad of a Broken Heart by this-is-the-life2905 Ballad of a Broken Heart :iconthis-is-the-life2905:this-is-the-life2905 87 7
Three Words
Three Words.
She sits, silent.
The silence between us is so tangible that I could touch it if I tried – but my fingers are laced together in tense, white structures that mock the atmosphere of indifference that I’m trying to project. I haven’t said anything since those final, damning words that shattered her world. And neither has she.
Lips open, then close again. One strand of hair has fallen down across her face, and it’s then that I realise that she’s crying – tears streaming silently down her cheeks and splashing into her coffee. Automatically, I reach forward to wipe them away, before remembering that I gave away that right a long time ago. Instead, I take my coffee and take a long, hard draught that burns the back of my throat. I don’t wince.
“How long?”
”Does it matter?”
She falls silent again. An apology hovers on my lips – I didn’t need to sound so harsh, but, on the other hand, she won’t want kindnes
:iconwonderfulrachel:wonderfulrachel 8 13
Erwin x Reader x Reiner Torn (1)
You sat eyeing your lover methodically with hands clasped and jaw set. You had just told him you were pregnant only to have him stand before you cold and emotionless like a sack of used flour.    
“Are you sure it’s mine?” He sputters with half meaning.
“What kind of dumb ass question is that?  Of course it’s yours.”
“Well, it could be...”
“Erwin and I use preventative measures…the few times that…” Your voice trails off into the distance to join all the other sentiments you have left unsaid.  The mere mention of you and Erwin being intimate was already bordering on the “off limits” area of conversation; things that you and Reiner didn’t acknowledge as truths when you were together.
“And we don’t. So…”
“So, the probability of the kid being his is-”
“Slim to none.” He concludes solemnly.
“You’re not as slow as
:iconsilverfoxredrose:SilverFoxRedRose 34 17