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Marinette was on her balcony watering some new plants.  They were 20 inches tall and resembled a plant from the mint family. They had small bilabiate flowers in white with spots of purple or pink colors.  She barely turned around when she felt another presence behind her.
"Hello, kitty."
Chat Noir was perched on the railing of her balcony.
"Hello, Purr-incess.  These look new; I never took you as a gardener."
"I do have a green thumb. I really like the way these looked and they actually have some health benefits. Plus, they are my project in biology."
"What is it," he asked approaching her.
"It's catnip.  I can brew it in tea or cook with it to and it can help stomach with problems."
Chat Noir got down by the blooms and sniffed them.
"Hmmm", he thought. "That smells great!"
He sniffed it some more and a euphoric sensation invaded his brain.  He felt really giddy and tense and yet relaxed. He sniffed it more and he just couldn't get enough of it.
"Oh gawd, this
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Just a Glimpse Part 1
Marinette was in her room trying to get ready for her study session today.  She got a text from her mom saying that they had a meeting all day and told her that she didn't have to open the shop since she had school work to do.  But then, another message came saying to come the front door.  She rushed down to see one of her mother's friends there with her two children, a 6 month old boy with brown hair and brown eyes and a blonde, gray eyed 6 year old girl.
"I'm so sorry Marinette, but an emergency came up and I have no one else to watch them!"
"But I," she began.
"Please, it's only for a few hours!  I wouldn't ask you unless it was a last resort!"
The pleading look was all it took for Marinette to give in. She took the baby and the diaper bag and lead the six year old in.
"Can you feed them lunch?  Also, try to get her to nap afterward."
"But mommy!  I'm too old for naps," stomped the girl.
"I'll do my best. Anything else?"
"Yes, he has a rash and needs cr
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It's As Different As Day and Night :iconichigokeyblade:IchigoKeyblade 1,098 30 Evil Plagg :iconperugirl199:PeruGirl199 626 63
Just a Glimpse part 3
They didn't say much as they walked to the ice cream parlor. The only time one of them spoke, Adrien, was to present the voucher.  The sundae was a banana split with chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream with chocolate, strawberry and pineapple sauce, whipped cream, chopped peanuts and two cherries.  Armed with two spoons they attacked the massive dessert.  Two people might be able finish, heck three or four would have been better, but the two teenagers had a serious topic to go over and to Adrien, it seemed Marinette wasn't going to bring it up so he took this chance to speak first.
"So, about what happened today," he started but not sure where to take it much less finish it.  "I'm not offended, if that's what you're worried about."
"The whole, calling me 'daddy' thing.  I'm not offended; I was surprised."
"It was a slip of the tongue. For whatever reason, I got to thinking about that and seeing you with the kids gave me a glimpse of something and
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Just a Glimpse part 2
Adrien woke up to the feeling of someone tapping on his arm.  He blearily opened his green eyes to be met with gray ones.  He smiled at the little girl and her bed head; it reminded him of his when he would first get out of bed.  He yawned and checked his phone; there was still fifteen more minutes left on the timer.
"What is it, Evangeline," he whispered.
"Can we play tea party now," she said in a normal voice.
"Shhhh, Mari and Remy are still sleeping," he shushed.
"But you promised," she whined quietly.
"I know, I know. We can't play in here; let's go to Mari's room ok?"
"Ok, the tea set is in the chest but it's down at the bottom."
"Let's just take it with us then."
Adrien gently eased his way off the couch and took the toy chest and Evangeline up to Marinette's room.  A few minuets later, Marinette woke up and saw that she was alone in the living room with no Evangline or Adrien in sight. She noticed that Remy was awake, too.
"Well, hello Remy. Did you have a go
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Who are you? - page 12 :iconkylukia:kylukia 319 103 Miraculous hugs :iconthecocomero:thecocomero 746 41 Adrienette Paperman!AU :iconbelieveinfrost:BelieveInFrost 1,143 30 Miraculous Ladybug | L e . D i s l o c o e u r :iconemi-zone:Emi-zone 197 21
Spiders and Ice Cream
Marinette didn't have a problem with spiders; in fact, she was her home's resident spider killer. She even killed them at school whenever someone in the girls locker room freaked out. Yeah, she had no issues with them; that is until she became Ladybug and until she fought a spider based akuma. Arachnia was her name. She wore a black suit with a red spider on her chest. Eight legs were protruding from her back and had a large spear that held webbing on one end and her paralyzing venom in the other.
"Will you be alright my Lady?"
Chat was aware of Ladybug's aversion to spiders and wasn't sure if she was going to be able to handle this one.
"I'm fine Chat. I will admit I am creeped out a bit but we have a job a to do. Let's get to it!"
"So, the ladybug comes willingly into the spiders den. My children will dine on ladybug tonight!"
The akuma unleashed a horde of spiders at the duo. It was straight out of a horror movie. Chat grabbed his Lady and pole vaulted to the nearest roof.
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Miraculous Year part 2
Marinette sat in her bed with her scrapbook and necklace.  Tikki sat on her shoulder to get a better look at the necklace.
"It's so pretty," cried Tikki.
"It is isn't it.  That silly kitty."
"He seemed to have liked your gift."
"Yeah, he did.  It was a lot of work but his face was worth it," she smiled.
"You should get some rest, Marinette."
"You're right, good night Tikki."
In Adrien's room, he and Plagg were looking over at the scrapbook Ladybug made.
"She must have worked day and night to get this done.  And these drawings, they are incredible!"
"Yes, she can draw, where's my cheese?!"
"Shush Plagg; she's amazing."
He studied the drawings more closely and then it clicked.  He knew this style, they were so similar.  He grabbed a drawing Marinette did for him and compared it to the drawings Ladybug did.  They looked the same.  The style was uncanny.  Maybe Marinette gave Ladybug some art lessons, people could draw similarly, could they?
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Petite Ladybug et Petit Chat Noir :iconkikaigaku:Kikaigaku 836 43
Mood Swings part 4
"I know who you are," said Ladybug.
"You do," Chat said wide eyed.
"Yes, it was an accident really. You were hit earlier today and when you came to school, the effects from Mood Swinger was used on you. First you cried uncontrollably and then you got really happy only to be angry and then you...started acting like you were in love with me.  The me under the mask."
"What?  What are you talking about?  How did you know all that?  I remember going to school and talking to Nino and feeling those feelings and..."
He seemed to have caught on; he remembered feeling love for Marinette and how easy it was, but he loved Ladybug. It still didn't explain how she knew what happened at school unless.
She nodded weakly as her transformation was willed off by Tikki.
"I'm sorry for rejecting you as Chat. I did it because I love Adrien and I felt guilty for liking Chat just a bit; Chat has grown on me but I was too scared to admit it.  While it felt nice to have my
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Maridrien and LadyNoir: Rain :iconototobo:ototobo 681 27 HoHoHo :iconperugirl199:PeruGirl199 588 67 The Royal Agreste Family :iconpiku-chan:piku-chan 417 78
Bubble Gum
In the courtyard, a crowd of students had gathered around the school’s resident rivals; Alix and Kim.  Kim had challenged Alix to a blowing bubble gum challenge.  Whoever blows the biggest bubble, judged by Max, wins and the loser has to do whatever the winner wants for a week.  Alya, Nino, Marinette and Adrien were among the crowd watching.
“Hey Mari, when was the last time we did this,” asked Alya.
“Two years ago; one of the reasons for my short hair,” answered Marinette.
“What happened,” asked Adrien.
“Mari’s bubble was so big it popped all over her face and her hair.  It used to be in longer pigtails,” answered Nino.  “We tried to get as much of the gum out of her hair but Mari’s mom had to cut it.”
“So you’ve never let grow out since then,” asked Adrien to Marinette.
“More or less,” she shrugged.
“I think you look great with longer hair,”
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Stay part 7
Adrien didn't go home right away.  He asked the Gorilla to drop him off somewhere to give him some time alone.  The driver dropped him off at the Eiffel Tower, one of Marinette's favorite places.  He was going to take her on a date here if she would come back with him, but she was on her way to China now.  He blew it; absolutely blew it.  He was so angry at himself for not acknowledging his own feelings.  He let the one person who needed him most down and his one chance at being happy since his mother left.  He walked the long way home and didn't even see the sad expressions on his father and Nathalie's faces.  They were just as disappointed as Adrien was.  Adrien went to his room and pulled out his cellphone.  He had turned if off after he left the airport so he wouldn't have to deal with anyone calling him.  He noticed he had a few texts from Nino and Alya, some missed calls from Nathalie and his father but one missed call and vo
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Stay part 1
Life doesn't always go the way you expect it to go.  For Marinette, she expected to become a fashion designer and her parents would be there to support her. She expected Alya to be her best friend forever and be each other's bridesmaids at their weddings. Her wedding to Adrien Agreste would lead to a lifetime of happiness with three kids, a dog or a cat and a hamster.  Marinette expected the best was yet to come, but life has a way of changing expectations.  She was in class when Principal Damocles walked in and asked to see Marinette in his office.  The look on his face meant it was serious and she was afraid she was in trouble. She had a feeling it was about her tardiness and un-excused absences.  Alya placed a comforting hand on her shoulder and smiled in order to reassure her friend. Marinette gathered her things, stood up and walked toward the Principal.  She felt everyone's eyes on her but she only looked at his, Adrien's green eyes.  He smiled
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Not a Problem
Adrien had finally had enough; he's been the face of his father's empire and done all the things a good son should do.  All those lessons he was forced to do, granted some of them actually helped him out but, they were always what his father wanted him to do. So, he was taking a step for his own independence, to his own freedom. He was old enough now, so why was he still under his dad's thumb?  He still wanted his attention, he wanted his father's love.  He'd outright beg for it if he had to.  He stood at his father's office door; he would have knocked but he decided to just barge in and not care about his manners at this point.  Gabriel Agreste looked up from his work rather annoyed.
"What is it now?"
"Father, I want more control over my schedule. I want the chance to decide what I do with my time.  I'm eighteen now, and I would like to be treated as an adult."
Adrien stared at his father after he said his piece. He felt relieved that he could finally say
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The Year before and the Happiness Forever more :iconpiku-chan:piku-chan 373 35 ML: D-Day :iconyaushie:Yaushie 782 38
Put the Glass Down
They had a substitute today and it wasn't just any sub, it was Mademoiselle Ellen Dubois. She let the students have a bit of a free period to finish homework from other classes, study, work on personal projects or chat quietly.  When it was close to the time of the period's end, she got up and poured herself a glass of water.
"Everyone, may I have your attention please." When she had their attention, she continued.  "How many of you here are or have been stressed?"  Practically everyone raised their hands. "Let me give you a lesson on stress management."  She picked up the glass of water; everyone expected her to ask the "half empty or half full" question. What she asked instead was surprising. "How heavy is this glass of water?"
Everyone took a moment to think and observe the glass of water.
"I deduce it to be about 8.5 ounces," stated Max.
"I'd say about 10 ounces," said Adrien.
"No, 20 ounces," said Kim, wanting to call a higher number than them.
"Get real meat h
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Miraculous Ladybug Anastasia AU :icongloriamelmed:gloriamelmed 341 73 The Hunt for the Maiden Ladybug :iconpiku-chan:piku-chan 492 51
Mood Swings part 2
Back in the classroom, the two girls continued to argue much to the other students annoyance.  Adrien was about to step in when he felt his heart beat faster. His face flushed and hands got sweaty. He looked at her and he couldn't help the smile on his face.  Where once was anger in his eyes was now pure adoration and love.  He jumped up and hugged her tight.
"Oh, Mari!  You could never be a bother to me," he said lovingly and nuzzled her.
This made everyone gasp in shock. Alya was beaming at her friend's good fortune; the boy finally realized what a great girl Marinette is.  Marinette was on the verge of crying tears of happiness and of embarrassment.  Chloe was fuming.
"Adrikins!  Stop doing that!"
"What, I want to hold the girl I love," he said happily.
Marinette's heart exploded.  Thankfully, the teacher walked in and asked everyone to return to their seats.  Well, all but two did.
"Adrien, please release Marinette," said the teacher whe
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Adrienette 2.0 :iconnyanlynne:nyanlynne 424 32 Miraculous Ladybug - frozen fall :iconperugirl199:PeruGirl199 555 43 Miraculous Ladybug - Adrienette :iconrinam:RinaM 576 44 ML comic: page 5 :iconryuuthelazybunny:Ryuuthelazybunny 645 44 Future King and Queen :iconpiku-chan:piku-chan 624 95 A Cat in Paris :iconpiku-chan:piku-chan 858 107 A cheese-loving cat. :iconperugirl199:PeruGirl199 492 25 We are tired of waiting :iconavestyaz:AveStyaz 541 41