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Crazy about you (Chris Evans x Reader) One-shot
Crazy about you - Chris Evans x Reader One-shot
‘I’m so late, I’m so late!’ you muttered to yourself while you quickly brushed your teeth and put on some make-up.
‘Damn it,’ you cursed softly. ‘Where are my shoes?’
You pulled the curlers you had put in the other night out of your hair and let your fingers go through the curls to loosen them a bit.
‘I thought you had an audition at ten,’ you roommate said, walking out of her room, yawning. She checked her watch and sighed. ‘It’s five to ten, [Name]. You’re going to be late.’
‘I know, I know!’ you cried out, still looking for your shoes.
‘What are you looking for?’
‘My black heels. I can’t find them anywhere.’
‘By the door…’ your roommate said, pointing at the front door. ‘Where you left them last night when you came back from that other audition you were late for, remember. You sh
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Cross my heart (Chris Evans x Reader) One-shot
Cross my heart - Chris Evans x Reader (one-shot)
You were walking across the Avengers set, your make-up box in hand. It was still early in the morning, but the director wanted to start the first day of shooting the new Avengers movie: The Age of Ultron early, causing you to be walking across the set towards the make-up booths while the sun wasn’t even up yet.
‘Hi, [Name]!’ One of your colleagues said, when you came walking into the building. ‘How’d you sleep last night?’
‘Fine, thanks for asking Tanya. Are the actors not here yet?’
‘You know how A-listers are. They’re probably just walking up from their beauty sleep.’
You hit her softly on the shoulder and laughed. ‘Don’t say things like that. They’re people too.’
‘Of course we are,’ you heard someone say behind you. You turned around and saw Chris Evans – a.k.a. Captain America – standing behind you, looking as ha
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Pretending, Acting, and Lying
Hey there. I'm James. I'm 21 at the time of writing this essay, and I was 20 at the time of realizing essays aren't just written for school.
Pretending is something we learn to do at whatever age you find out that not everyone in the world wants to be your friend. Which is usually a very young age, considering the word "pretend" is usually associated with puerile behavior. Like how, as a kid, I used to pretend to be an astronaut, or how a little girl pretends to be a princess, or how I pretend to know what "puerile" means.
Pretending can be fun. Sometimes, people love pretending so much they take on a profession where they pretend for a living, like acting, or advertising. If "acting" is the most professional term for "lying", "pretending" is the most gentle term for "lying". It makes one feel a tad less guilty, and even adds a bit of whimsey to whatever lawsuit you're trying to get out of. At some point, you reach an age where pretending becomes either lying or acting. It's the first
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