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Shadow and Amy's Family15 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 213 24 AwwwwNutsss :icontexaspanda:TexasPanda 47 18 MXYL-Elias Acorn Family :iconelzathehedgehog:Elzathehedgehog 24 72
Request: Acorn Family Tootsie Fun
One morning, when King Sonic was out on an important business trip for the day, the royal twins were having fun running around the living room of the castle at high speed.  Their mother, Queen Sally, came into the room with an angry look on her face.
"Now you kids stop this running around at once!" she said firmly.
"You'll havta catch us first!" Manik called out as he zoomed passed Sally.
"Just like Dad does!" Sonia added on as she too zoomed passed.
Sally's face grew even redder.  But at that very moment, a pot plant on the coffee table was beginning to lose its balance from the commotion of the twin's running.  As they both zoomed passed their mother again, the pot tipped over, fell off the table and landed and broke on the queen's toe!
"OUCH!!" yelled Sally, standing on her right foot while holding onto her left that had been hurt in midair.
The twins stopped running at the sound of this and turned towards their mother.  Realizing what they ha
:icondreamman001:Dreamman001 6 4
Sonic FA: Training with Little Brother. :iconmryayayify:Mryayayify 9 7 Sonic (The Comic) Tufftee Acorn Concept Sprite :iconmryayayify:Mryayayify 8 4
Sonic the Hedgehog My character bios Part 1
Name: Sonic The Hedgehog (ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ Sonikku za Hejjihoggu)
Species: Mobian/Hedgehog (Erinaceus Nula)
Age: 15
Ability Type: Speed
Bio: Sonic the Hedgehog is known as "Blue Blur" on television, as a baby, he was sent somewhere else to disorient Dr. Eggman's trackers by Queen Aleena. After Growing up in Christmas Island, he traveled across Acorn Archipelago to foil Eggmans' initial plans.
Name: Masato Prowa/Miles "Tails" Prower (テイルス Teirusu/マイルス・パウアー Mairusu Pauā)
Species: Mobian/Fox (Vulpes Deformis)
Age: 8
Ability Type: Flight
Bio: Tails is a mutant mobian child, he was bullied by other kids at "Rotor Academy" in Cocoa Island. After Joining Sonic then the Freedom Fighters, Tails had a strong brotherly bond towards Sonic but expanded by the Freedom Fighters as
:iconmryayayify:Mryayayify 4 0
Sky Chase Zone (Sonic 2: Sally Edition) :iconmryayayify:Mryayayify 5 2 Tufftee Acorn Sketch :iconmryayayify:Mryayayify 5 1
Sonic the Hedgehog My character bios Part 2
Name: Amy Rose
Species: Mobian/Hedgehog (Erinaceus Nula)
Age: 12
Ability Type: Speed
Name: Cream the Rabbit
Species: Mobian/Rabbit (Sylvilagus Sentiens)
Age: 6
Ability Type: Flight
Name: Pollo the Bear
Species: Mobian/Bear (Ursus Mingatus)
Age: 18
Ability Type: Defense
Bio: Pollo is a bear who is obese but gets skinnier via hibernation maybe because he bakes too much pastries and bread for himself.
Name: Big the Cat
Species: Mobian/Cat (Felis Notus)
Age: 18
Ability Type: Power
Bio: Big is the cat who goes fishing.
Name: Helena (the) Hummingbird
Species: Mobian/Hummingbird (Colibri Enano)
Age: 14
Ability Type: Flight
Name: Marcus the Raccoon
Species: Mobian/Raccoon (Procyon Conviviius)
Age: 15
Ability Type: Imitation
Bio: Marcus was one of the only Imitation-type mobians in existance, he was also Amy's current boyfriend.
:iconmryayayify:Mryayayify 3 0
MODERNIZED Tufftee Acorn Description
Prince Timothy "Tufftee" Acorn
Timothy "Tufftee" Acorn is a chipmunk-squirrel hybrid much like his older sister Sally except more obvious, he was born sick as a baby and was the reason Sally's mother was dead and missing. He was kept somewhere medical and cryptic to provide a safe and healthy life, while growing up, he wished to join Sally and the Knothole Freedom Fighters but the idea was vetoed by his father knowing he might let his family's own kingdom down. His friends would come back to him to be patched up, he was rarely sent to combat missions during an emergency.
He does spend time with Tails much but he was referred to by Tails as "Uncle Tufftee", he is protective of Tails and has the instincts of an older sibling but mostly rejected by Tails possibly because he was the second youngest of the Freedom Fighters and most of them would be inferior due to skill abuse compared to the First born/eldest which would make the best older sibling (though older, wiser, and more experi
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Bedtime Together :iconmryayayify:Mryayayify 2 0 Acorn family-Father :iconterezka-gummy-bears:Terezka-gummy-bears 2 0 Tom Moody :iconterezka-gummy-bears:Terezka-gummy-bears 2 0 Acorn family :iconterezka-gummy-bears:Terezka-gummy-bears 1 0 The Acorn Family :iconbuddhajean:BuddhaJean 0 2 Acorn Family :iconbuddhajean:BuddhaJean 0 0 Movie Style Sally :iconsonic-sunshine:Sonic-Sunshine 14 4 Acorn Family-Father in Mexico :iconterezka-gummy-bears:Terezka-gummy-bears 1 0 Acorn family-hip-hop :iconterezka-gummy-bears:Terezka-gummy-bears 1 0 Acorn family-with small baby :iconterezka-gummy-bears:Terezka-gummy-bears 0 0 In The Wilderness :iconanimenews101:AnimeNews101 1 3
Sonic Short Fanfic: A Trip to Leung Kar
Leung Kar, the land on "Skoal Island" with characteristics of Chun-nanian culture but was annexed by the Royal Acorn Marines to prevent any negative outcomes of Egg Imperial Invasion including the habit of stuffing robots with Mobini creatures and roboticizing people. When Royal Acorn Occupation took shape, cultural aspects blended and fused together.
Merna pinned the Bathysphere with an anchor, The Freedom Fighters walked on the bridge to visit Leung Kar.
"There could be more fireworks around here," said Sonic.
"I feel like getting my samurai armor back," said Tails.
"I haven't met Dulcy in a while," said Sally.
Tufftee remembered worrying about whether Dulcy immigrated illegally to his nation or became registered citizen, they knew neither of the royal siblings would ever trust illegal immigrants to be in their nation, Sally had already registered her citizenship to the nation meaning no need to deport her to Chun-nan or related places.
Illegal Immigrants do make our country unsafe,
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Acorn family: strengthening :iconterezka-gummy-bears:Terezka-gummy-bears 1 0 Acorn family-holiday :iconterezka-gummy-bears:Terezka-gummy-bears 3 3 my acorn family :iconphoto-moto:photo-moto 0 2