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Who's Shorter? (Levi X Reader One-Shot)
                                               Who’s Shorter?
                                        (A Levi X Reader One-shot)
You and your friends sat at the table, loudly talking throughout the time allotted for lunch. While you were eating your bread, you heard Jean get a bright idea. “Hey, we should play truth or dare.” He smiled at his idea, like he was some kind of a genius. Eren however, had a different idea, “What’s the point in that Jean?” He question cockily, “We all know that wimps are going to chose truth!” He lowered his voice and mumbled, “Like you…” Jean was offended and stood up, “Watch it Jager! I would have chosen dare and you know it!” Your facial expression twitched as th
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AoT: Levi's Cute Hiccups [Levi x Reader]
."[f/n]!!!!!!" Hanji yelled across the hallway.
You sighed and turned around, dead panning her as she ran down the hall like a headless chicken. She's been bugging you a lot for the past week telling you all about her little children. Correction, her Titan children.
"What now Hanji, I swear if you're here to tell me one of your titans was being a bad boy again I will slap--" you got cut off by her loud voice.
"HAVE YOU SEEN SHORTY HICCUP BEFORE?" She stopped right in front of your nose and grinned.
"Wait... What." You looked at her and processed what just happened. All you heard was Levi and hiccups. You gave a small smile and said "No."
"OH MY GOD YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS! COME ON" she grabbed your arm and dragged you down the hallway, earning looks of pity from your friends.
For once you didn't regret being dragged with Hanji because you will see an extremely rare sight.
Hanji stopped at a corner and motioned you to look. She covered up her mouth and nose, going all red in
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Seducing him [Teacher!LevixManeater!Reader] (AU)
I was sitting in the classrom, my chin in my palm as my elbow was resting on the desk.  It was math lesson, but my thoughts were far away. Or maybe not that far: all I could think about was the person who was speaking at the moment. I let out an annoyed, quiet sigh. Damn it, why can’t he recognise me?
Why, I wonder. I admit, there was a little problem: he was my teacher. This short, cold, nonchalant man named Levi Ackerman somehow made me fall for him. I gazed at him again. His lips were moving, but I didn’t listen.  Rather, I started observing his perfectly-built body. These wide shoulders and muscular biceps…sometimes he was wearing white shirts which stuck to his stomach, letting us see his abs. He had such youthful appearance.
I quickly tapped my nose. It wouldn’t be fun to have nosebleed.
Oh, and I haven’t even said anything about his gorgeous ass.  And his face! If only he looked at me with those eyes, saying:  ’Miss [Las
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[Attack on Titan ACWNR] Screenshot [Levi Ackerman] :iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 402 162
AoT: Embarrassing Heichou [Levi x reader]
You always wondered what could possibly embarrass humanity's strongest soldier. No matter how perfect he may seem, there must have been some flaws in him and something that could make him embarrassed right?
And so that's how you started to think about the possible things that could embarrass Levi. You shared your thoughts with Hanji and she evaluated whether it could embarrass him or not. You carried out the experiments that Hanji told you to do that could embarrass him but none of them worked.
Furthermore, you were the one who always ended up getting extra chores and running laps. How on earth did Hanji not get any of those punishments? You started to think that Levi has this grudge against you for pissing him of for like a million times.
~time skip~
'Damn.. I'm starting to feel hungry...'
You were cleaning the stables and horses after running for 3 hours straight with no lunch. When you were brushing the horses, you looked at it.
"Hmm. I guess Eren was right... Jean does have
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AoT: Sleep talking [Levi x Reader]
Inspired by
You took a seat in your desk and sighed. The sun was setting and everyone was just about to go to eat dinner. As for you, well, you didn't even have the energy to eat. You were just damn tired after a day of training new recruits. Since they were all new to the scouting legion, you had to teach them literally everything from zero to a hundred. They were a bunch of curious kids that asked way too many questions as well.
You decided it was best to take a shower and relieve your aching body, and have some time to relax. You let the warm water sprinkle over yourself and smiled. Just feeling the warm water against your skin made your stress evaporate away like the steam.
After you had finished taking your very long bath, it was almost time to sleep, not for you, but for the cadets. You still had a bunch of paperwork waiting for you, sitting on the side of your table like good children waiting for t
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Breakup (Levi X Reader)
“You,” your hands shook and your arms trembled as you looked up, venomously, towards the one man you had ever loved. Tears were stinging at the corners of your eyes and you were trying your best to hold them back, but the widespread feeling of pain was too strong and your heart couldn’t handle it anymore, “You jerk!”
He stood there, staring directly at you with an expressionless face. This just fueled your anger. How could he not express himself, now of all times? Here you were, near to a breakdown, crying, and he had the same expression he always wore. You banged your delicate hands against his chiseled chest. He had just taken off his shirt, coming home from a long day at work, when he confronted you out of nowhere.
“Why?” your voice, feigning strength, cracked, “Why, why, why? Why, after all this time…?”
You finally broke, looking up to your boyfriend. That was your mistake. Seeing his face, the face you loved so much, forc
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Love Me [Levi x Reader x Neko!Levi] [AU]
“Cat, get the fucking hell off the table.”
Pale eyes darted over at Levi as the ebony feline rebelliously sunk himself into the glass.
“Cat, get off there! I just washed that!”
Lifting his rear in the air, Rivaille’s little body trembled, retaining every bit of energy he possessed for the attack. His master took a step back.
“Don’t you fucking dare,” he growled.
But, when did he ever heed his master’s word?
Silently and faster than lightning, the cat lunged at him. His teeth dug into his thigh, and his claws pierces through his clothes into the tender skin. With a how, Levi’s hands quickly latched onto the wound. Despite his own strength, the kitten proved to be quite the muscular one himself as he refused to be pried away from his target.
You always longed for a cat, but you never seemed to have enough money to purchase one. Every time you strolled by a pet store, Levi always noticed the sad, longing in your eyes as you watch
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 909 326
Cinderella [Prince!Levi x Reader]
It hadn’t been that long since your mother had passed on, leaving only you and your father living alone inside the mansion. It did get a little lonely ever since then because you had grew a strong and wonderful bond with your mother. You had often spent countless hours helping your mother with chores and house works and also learning new things with your mother as your father had always left for job trips. Although, it did get a little lonely now that you're doing these things on your own, especially when your father still needs to leave for random trips due to his job. However, you still didn’t fail to create company to ease your loneliness as he was gone for some time.
Though, the company that you've encountered aren't just friends. They're literally, little friends, your precious little mice friends name Mikasa and Eren. It was amazing to know how they both had the ability to turn into humans when they feel the need to, such as to keep you company on a human level when y
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Mikasa Ackerman - Attack On Titan :iconjxbp:JxbP 10,708 441
Marry Me? (levi x Reader AU!)
Marry Me? (Levi x Reader AU!)
"You bastard! How dare you? How dare you getting my daughter in such a state? You son of a-"
"Honey! Stop!!"
Your mother stopped your father before he slapped Levi. 
You and Levi have been going out for a year now, much to your parents distressed. Your father was far from happy to see you going out with, and I quote "A useless bastard who only want to use his daughter as a prize." 
Those words hurted you, you wanted to make your parents happy and proud but with Levi all you could make them feel was hate and indignation. Your parents loved you, you knew it. If they didn't they wouldn't be so scared for you because of Levi.
But you didn't let them get you down. You knew Levi much better than they did. Because of his haircut, his piercings, few tattoos and –of course– his permanent look of disgust, your parents refuses to give him a chance. They didn't know he was considerate, loving and actually a total dork behind closed doors. They di
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Seven Minutes in Heaven - AU!Levi x Reader
You heard some arguing going on in the main room – clearly whoever you were paired with was getting cold feet. But nonetheless you made yourself as small as you could before they arrived. You weren’t sure if you were doing it out of embarrassment or anxiousness – either way it did make you feel a little better.
The sudden bright light flooded the room too fast for your eyes to adjust to, and before you could properly see who had just entered everything had gone dark again.
The person that entered the closet didn’t say anything, but rather just grunted trying to get himself comfortable.
“God damn you’re living in a fucking palace and you can’t afford a bigger broom closet?”
Your heart started to race at the sound of his voice, but nevertheless you kept your cool and simply answered, “Why would you need a big broom closet? The cleaners usually have their own.”
He didn’t respond for a moment, which made you slightly n
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Forbidden Affairs - [AU] Levi x Reader
The manor groaned with age, floorboards were fractured and rotted, the windows cracked and stifled with dust that built up over the centuries this house had stood.
But in the middle of it, in the middle of the home thick with roots and undergrowth, was an old and powerful warlock, standing in the same place he stood for ages beyond counting. He’d come here most every night, uncovering lost secrets of dark magics that were kept hidden away for a reason.
He blended in with society well; he was a learned man who took careful notes of everything he did. He’d notice the way culture and clothing would shift, and he’d adjust himself accordingly. Not a soul he ever came across was aware of his supernatural nature – and he wouldn’t have it any other way.
Levi Ackerman was a name that echoed throughout the supernatural culture that stayed hidden among the mortals. He was greatly respected – and feared even more so. Levi didn’t just dabble in forbidden ma
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Getting there... :iconmoni158:moni158 10,695 620
Why? [Levi x Shy!Reader]
(A/N: According to Wikia, he is actually older than 30. But for the sake of this story, I'm making him around his late 20's! Really hope you enjoy this one shot. I made it up real fast.) 
It hadn’t been long since you were placed under Levi’s squad. To you, mostly, it was a little strange as you thought you were originally going to be placed under Hanji, whom you were more interested in with her experiments than anything else… However, Levi had volunteered to take you in. And you didn’t know why. You like the idea of being hand-picked by him, to be part of his special operation squad next to Eren, Mikasa, and Armin. But you had a knack of intelligence when science and experiments are involved, so it would make sense if you had joined Hanji’s side.
You also didn’t quite get to interact with the corporal, but judging by his venomous personality and temperament that you witnessed as he presented in in court during Eren's trial, you could say
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mom eren :iconkuro-shinozaki:kuro-shinozaki 621 64 Attack on Titan Belts / Harness Tutorial - Part 1 :iconneptunyan:neptunyan 1,608 77
Levi x Reader [Cadet Prom]
    You were walking through the corridors of HQ, silently fuming. It was so typical of Eren to come up with a plan like this, and even more typical was the fact that you got the worst end of it. As you turned a corner, the events of the past hour flashed through your head:
    It was after dinner, and all the 104th cadets were in their dormitory. Eren, Mikasa, Armin and you were sitting in a circle on the floor. The rest of t
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Wake Up!! [Daddy!Levi x Mommy!Reader]
"Damn it, woman, stop elbowing me in the side."
You rolled over on your side, making sure you pierced your husband with your death glare...but that proved futile since his eyes were still closed. Regardless of his warning, you nudged his forearm again and again until he backhanded your face.
"You deserved it."
You just coughed and rolled your eyes. "Do we have to get up now? It's too early," you grumbled, pulling the protective sheets over your shoulders.  
"I wouldn't have said anything if you hadn't dug your knife of an elbow into my side, you moron."
You scoffed, collapsing on your back again, praying sleep would graciously grant you serenity and relaxation. With a tired exhale, you nestled into the pillow.
Suddenly, the door creaked open, and tiny footsteps pattered across the wooden floor. Your heart filled with dread. Well, you could throw the hope of extra sleep out the window.
The springs of the bed groaned as the weight of two extra bodies pushed it further down.
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My Idiot -Thug! Levi x Student! Reader
“Y-You’re not Eren!”
As if on cue, his hoodie fell and it revealed the last person you’d thought you’d see:
You immediately let go of his hand and back away frightened.
Reiner looked to you with menacing gold eyes and smirked. “What’s the matter babe? You look like you’ve seen a ghost?” He stepped closer to you; scarred face still smiling.
You didn’t respond. ‘How is he here?! I never showed him my home! Plus didn’t Eren beat him to a pulp days ago?’ As you thought, your body turned to run.
“Eh! Where do you think you’re going?”
Your sneakers smacked the dark pavement. Your breath became labored. You’d never think Reiner would come back. You took a cautious look back when you ran. To your dismay, Reiner was right on your tail. He reached for you and you screamed.
With a harsh shriek of your sneakers, you turned a harsh left.
To your relief you narrowly missed Rein
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My King - [AU] King!Levi x Elf!Reader
Damn this place, and damn the humans who lived here.
Being an elf in this society was hard enough as it is. Living in the slums of the city only to be abused by your human overlords really weighed down on your species. It was unfair. You hated it.
Everyone seemed to think it was perfectly reasonable to treat you worse than they treat their own pets simply because your ears were pointed. It was such a ridiculous notion you could barely wrap your head around it. But it didn’t matter what you thought, no one would listen to you.
Elves weren’t allowed to claim a title, or lands, or riches. You were probably at the top of the food chain right now just doing what you were doing – which was working as a servant in the royal castle.
You’d think that here, among the servants that you’d be treated equally – oh how wrong you were. There were barely any elven servants besides yourself, and it confused you to no end.
Despite being treated as second-class citizens
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Levi x Reader [Cadet Prom] (part 2)
    AN: This is a sequel, so it might not make much sense unless you've read the first part. ^^'' (If you'd like to read it, the link is in the description)
    "Whaaaaaaaaat?" practically yelled Sasha, causing you to cringe and look behind you at the group of male cadets all gathered on Marco's bunk on the other side of the room.
    "Don't be so loud, Sasha!" You hissed. She, Mikasa, Christa, Ymir and you were huddled together on your top bunk. Annie lay on her bunk below yours, apparently sleeping.
    "But you're going to the prom with corporal Levi! This is big, (f/n)!" Before you could open your mouth, Sasha twisted and yelled across the dormintory,
    "Hey guys! I hope none of you are thinking of asking (f/n) here to the prom with you, 'cos she's already got a date with a certain corporal!"
    As you leaned forward to cover Sasha's mouth before she could say anything else you sn
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SnK: Attack on Heichou~! :iconfiveonthe:Fiveonthe 2,748 282 how armin met mikasa :iconkuro-shinozaki:kuro-shinozaki 677 43
Seven Minutes in Heaven - AU!Eren x Reader
You could safely say that waiting alone in a broom closet was one of the most – if not the most – boring experiences of your life. Why the fuck were they taking so long? You didn’t know. Instead you just decided to count how many brooms were in your closet.
“Well that was fun,” you told yourself.
Not long after the door to the closet opened and none other than Eren Jaeger himself stepped inside. Honestly you felt relieved that it was him – after all he was an old friend you spent a lot of time with, so you felt comfortable it was him instead of some other person.
“Hey,” he greeted casually.
“What took you so long?”
“Jean and I drew similar pictures so we had to figure out which one belonged to who.”
You shook your head. “What did you draw?”
He didn’t answer for a moment, and instead contemplated on whether he should tell you or not. Eren wanted you to think of him as mature now that he’
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Mikasa Ackerman :iconjxbp:JxbP 5,823 357 Heartbeat :iconmoni158:moni158 8,705 289
AoT: Obsession with dusters? [Levi x Reader]
For some reason, Levi has a strange obsession with his dusters. Sure he's a clean freak but seriously? He literally sticks to his dusters all day long. It was just creeping you out.
And so this time, instead of embarrassing him ((reference to my own fanfic)), you decided to find out why he has an obsession with his little duster chan.
'seriously though, I can totally imagine him being all soft with his little duster chan.'
You snickered and mumbled "heh, little duster chan..."
"what was that cadet [l/n]?"
'someone, please kill me for saying that out loud...'
You squeezed your eyes tightly together before you looked at him. His death glare scares you more than anything in the world. You were more scared of his glares than scared of titans!
Mustering up the courage to look at him, you opened your eyes slowly and cautiously.
"I don't have all day cadet."
"Y-yes sir..." You clumsily got up and saluted him.
"I w-was just th-thinking about your obses
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Jealous of Levi- AkashixReader drabbles

"The difference between your decision and ours is experience. But you don't have to rely on that.
Believe in yourself, or believe in the survey corps and me.
I don't know...
I never have, I can believe in my own abilities  or the choices of the companions I trust.
But no one ever knows how it will turn out.
So, choose for yourself whichever decision you regret the least."
You were currently fangirling (and drooling) as you watch with great admiration the anime Shingeki no Kyojin. It was one of the best scenes that left you weak in the knees especially when Lance Corporal Levi did that spinning thingy to save Eren. And while you weren't finish ogling the sexy midget, your other sexy midget is getting irritated with the random screams and squeals coming from you (especially when you were going on and on about how cool and sexy this L
:iconroane11:roane11 448 53
Don't Forget me |Levi x Reader|
Today Erwin ordered an all squad leader training retreat and in only two hours I was already annoyed out of my damn mind. I sat below the shadow of a big tree, until an annoying voice I knew all too well interrupted my silence.
‘Damn that Shitty Glasses.’ I glared at her as she approached me with a stupid grin on her face
“What?” I stated coldly to which she just giggled.
“Guess what~” I growled.
“You and (Y/N) are training partners~”
I looked at her annoyed, snapping, “So?”
“Oh don’t be like that! You know you like her~”
I growled again, more annoyed this time. “I do not.” ...I admit you are the only one amongst all these brats that don’t annoy the hell out of me, most of the time, and I like to keep you around but that does not mean I like you.
Does it?
..Damn it, Shitty Glasses is getting in my head! Her annoying laugh
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Worth a Hundred Soldiers :iconalicexz:alicexz 11,999 260 Attack on Titan :iconmarfrey:Marfrey 3,331 145 Stay Together :iconmoni158:moni158 5,310 240
AoT: I'm not blushing! [Eren x Reader]
"[f/n], you're red again. Are you okay?" Mikasa asked as she sat down in front of you. Others joined in on the same table and ate their breakfast.
"Yeah I'm perfectly fine. Why?" You asked while munching on some bread that Sasha tried to steal from you earlier.
"Your cheeks are really red..." She replied, staring at your face.
"Oh, that's because--" you were cut off by an obnoxiously loud voice.
"SHES BLUSHING CUZ EREN'S HERE!!!!" Sasha yelled out awkwardly.
With that, Eren, who was entering the mess hall stared at Sasha for a moment before slowly making his way to the table. He sat down next to you and you fidgeted a little.
"So... I heard my name Sasha" he said to the potato girl.
"Yeah, [f/n] is blushing because you're here. Probably because she likes you or something. She's always blushing whenever you're around" She shrugged her shoulders.
"R-really [f/n]?" Eren stuttered to you and a faint blush could be seen on his cheeks. "You like me?" He asked.
"No, yes -- I mean argh...." Yo
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Attack on Titan Emblem Tutorial - Survey Corps. :iconneptunyan:neptunyan 599 40
Masks Of Beauty (Levi x Reader) AU
warning for language. ^.^
Take off the mask of insecurity.

(Name) was the type of girl who always had to always have make-up on, whether it was lip gloss, eye liner, eye shadow, whatever the case may be. She had to wear it for her appearance, not to say she was ugly. It just was something she did as a habit.
Her appearance mattered to herself, after all there are women in the world who are naturally beautiful, so a little make-up was needed if she stood a chance against the "beautiful" women.
That is until she met Levi Ackerman.
The morning sun started to light up the sky as the darkness started to disappear, a couple was in bed talking as their bodies melded together.
"..levi. Do you like me better with make-up or not."
Levi sighed in (name) in neck as he had other agendas and playing 21 questions was not one of them. Whispering in her ear he gave his answer.
"It doesn't matter to me, but I prefer you with out. You should know that by now.."
(Name) moans as Levi quickly capture
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Eren and Levi -Attack on Titan :iconminibuddy:minibuddy 1,425 135 Cosplaying :iconzorbitas:Zorbitas 1,323 143 Shingeki no Kyojin: The Merciless World :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 3,008 202 UGUU EREN :iconmoni158:moni158 7,100 400 Attack on Titan :iconpotatobuns:Potatobuns 3,222 440 Attack on Titan :iconcookiekhaleesi:cookiekhaleesi 1,815 112 Mikasa :iconmuju:muju 3,936 95 Mikasa Ackerman :iconmuju:muju 4,329 148
Hugs - Levi x Tall!Reader [Drabble]
Levi loved hugs.
You wouldn’t be able to tell that just by looking at him, or talking to him, or even knowing him. He’s very isolated. But it’s true, he loved hugs. He’s a hugger.
He especially loved hugging you.
You were far taller than he was, around four or five inches taller, you weren’t entirely sure, but you’d been dating a long while. People would always stare at the two of you as if you were some kind of freak pairing, and you’d think that you were. Being the taller person in the relationship you had made you feel awkward, especially considering he was a lot stronger than you.
One time you injured your leg and he had to pick you up bridal style to escort you to safety. It looked weird, to say in the least. You huddled yourself in as much as you could to make it look less like Levi was lugging around a Titan – albeit an attractive one – but a Titan nonetheless.
You’d hear people laughing at the two of you, making fun of
:iconwhat-the-honk:what-the-honk 578 245
Secret (Levi X Shifter!Reader)
“Cadet (Last Name),” a regal voice called out to you while you were in the stables tending to your golden stallion, who you so affectionately named ‘Sundance’. You were preparing to go off on a quick mission, being the last member of Levi's team who hadn’t been killed by the Female Titan. You paused in grooming your horse companion as you turned to find Commander Erwin approaching you, squad leaders Mike and Levi walking behind on either sides of him. You quickly dropped the brush into the bucket of horse care products then stood up straight and saluted your superiors.
“Cadet (Name) (Last Name), sir!” you called out confidently with full respect, “How may I be of service to you, Commander Smith?"
It was at this moment that you noticed something about Levi. His expression was empty, as always, but his eyes... They were saying something, trying to tell you something. Telling you to leave.
Your eyes widened as several Military Police soldier
:iconfiammajoule:FiammaJoule 413 55
Reader x Armin ~Beast
'I vote, we all play….truth or dare. DUN DUN DUUUN!' Sasha announced, clapping her hands together.
'Really Sasha….again?? Haven't we played this enough times the past few nights?' Ymir sighed, leaning back against the wall. Sasha pouted and crossed her arms. 'Well I'm bored. And no-one wants to go potato-sneaki-'
'Sneaking with me.'
___ giggled and sat down on the floor. 'I'll play, Sasha.'
Sasha's eyes immediately lit up and she clapped her hands once again. 'Really??!! Sweet!! OK. Who wants to go first?'
The room was silent. Mikasa was on one of the beds, picking something off her scarf. Christa sat crossed legged next to her, nervously looking around. Ymir simply sighed once more and put her head back against the wall. Sasha huffed. 'Fine then. I'll spin around and point to someone. Whoever gets picked goes first, deal?'
Before any one could say anything, Sasha had put one hand over her eyes and started spinning. Christa shifted uncomfortably while th
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Mikasa from Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) :icongameriuxlt:gameriuxlt 1,268 59
Eren x Reader ~ Part 1 ~ Erwin's Neice
    The loud roar of the commander still rang in your ears and gave you a sense of duty and confidence for your first mission beyond the walls. An hour had passed since then, and all had gone according to plan. Flares shot up on all sides around your group, signaling for your uncle to lead you all in a different direction.
    On the horizon you saw an array of dark green trees forming the line of a forest. Anxiety filled your heart as you remembered the plan.
    "Uncle Erwin!?" You shouted up to the commander from your horse behind him. The whistling wind made your soft voice just barely audible. "Commander!?" You tried again. He heard you, making a loud grunt of acknowledgment.
    "Isn't that it, uncle? The forest!?" You yelled. His eyes widened, and he rose one hand in the air, signaling Levi and the others behind you.
    "HEY! SLOW EVERYONE, SLOW!" Erwin growled over the wind, and everyone's hor
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Mikasa :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 3,258 540