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Lessons: Ace Attorney
The Lessons Ace Attorney Has Taught Us :
1. The correct response to any question is "OBJECTION!"
2. If you are having trouble winning an argument, you obviously aren't yelling loudly enough.
3. There are no limits to the amount of caffeine a human being can consume.
4. Prosecutors are given an unnecessary amount of authority and respect and can pretty much do whatever they want.
5. The opposite extreme applies to defence attorneys.
6. It is possible to kill someone with a postage stamp.
7. Doctors have so little faith in modern medicine that they actually called a disease "Incuritis" because they though it would never be cured.
8. Japanese courts didn't actively use colour photography until about 2026.
9. In Germany, it is possible to become a prosecutor at 13.
10. Poisoning isn't as fatal as it should be.
11. Stamps and nail polish are very evil.
12. In court, anything goes. ANYTHING.
13. It's possible to fall 50 feet off of a burning bridge into a freezing river and onl
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GODOT VISION :iconlarkismyname:LarkIsMyName 1,515 254 Ace Attorney - Prosecutors :iconkuro-mai:kuro-mai 1,098 45 Afternoon :iconmou-s:mou-s 4,001 284 Attack of Gourdzilla :iconspacecoyote:spacecoyote 2,781 0 Dinner at the bakery :iconanocurry:anocurry 952 105 Mystic Mia :iconobsessedkitten:obsessedkitten 1,303 203 For a Guilty Verdict :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 4,225 349 Miss Attorneys :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 1,761 146 OBJECTION DOCTOR WHO STYLE :iconrealtimelord:realtimelord 2,635 272 Catch five across the face :iconzarla:zarla 782 142 Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright :iconspacecoyote:spacecoyote 1,038 0 Gotta get some ICE :iconzarla:zarla 1,054 154 Come on Down to Eat's :iconhanshee:hanshee 687 227 Ace Attorney - Apollo Justice :iconkellyjane:KellyJane 275 60 frilly jerks don't WALK :iconszana:Szana 985 73 Ace Attorney - Opponents :iconkellyjane:KellyJane 384 68 Ace Attorney: Slumber Party :iconayemae:Ayemae 1,071 189 Pixiv Style Meme :iconehllychan:ehllychan 992 144 Why are you drawn to me :iconzarla:zarla 824 126 What the hell have I DONE. :iconsilvercresent11:Silvercresent11 837 365 Edgeworth+Franziska :iconporcelain-requiem:Porcelain-Requiem 658 420 Doctor Wright and Maya Hooves :iconss2sonic:ss2sonic 1,716 221 The Ultimate Opposite Of Good Period Of Moments :iconpatwhit01:Patwhit01 165 65 Apollo Justice: OBJECTION :iconmalindachan:Malindachan 320 26
Ace Attorney FanGirl signs
Signs that you are obsessed with Ace Attorney
1) You see the word Phoenix everywhere. EVERYWHERE.
2) Your brother asks you “You want to marry Edgeworth, don’t you?”
3) You regularly use the phrases ‘Objection!’, ‘Hold it!’, ‘Take that!’ and ’Gotcha!’
4) Ditto ‘Ayup’, ‘Zvarri!’ etc.
5) You now want to become a lawyer
6) You now have the ability to pick out puns in people’s names.
7) You actually laughed while listening to Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech in History class, because he uses the phrase ‘Trials and Tribulations’
8) Every time you see a red two door sports car, you mutter to yourself “Edgeworth’s car!”
9) You have the voice sound clips on your iPod and giggle everytime they play between the OSTs.  I mean, normal music.
10) You mishear words as Ace Attorney names, or other Ace Attorney related stuff.
11) Your parents know the names o
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