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Angel of Abundance :iconakreon:akreon 1,856 51 The Age of Abundance :iconcarts:carts 999 114 Dreams of Gaia Tarot - Abundance - Card 15 :iconravynnephelan:ravynnephelan 1,333 33 Summer :icondeerdandy:DeerDandy 965 164 The Tempest. Ceres :iconkutty-sark:Kutty-Sark 383 17 Abundance :iconaruarian-dancer:aruarian-dancer 354 86 I Ching 55 - Feng (Abundance - Fullness) :iconannewipf:annewipf 348 128 Sweet Lolita :iconjennyjinya:JennyJinya 266 69 They Will Always Love You Back :iconinkandstardust:inkandstardust 199 5 John Green Miniature Book Bracelet :iconsaint-rise:Saint-Rise 163 21 Living Abundantly - Logo :iconkatiehofgard:KatieHofgard 188 39 ocean 171 :iconhengki24:Hengki24 229 47 Quietude :iconsilivrentinu:SilivrenTinu 286 148 Midnight :iconverbeley:Verbeley 175 108 Pomp Queen :iconjennyjinya:JennyJinya 134 28 contrast :iconjennyjinya:JennyJinya 143 49
I want to change.
Why is it not that easy?
I cannot live like this.
I cannot live choking on my promises.
All these thoughts corner me, questioning me.
I am unable to run away.
An abundance of fear paralyzes me,
residing inside my mind.
When did I become like this?
The desire to escape only intensifies.
Why don't I change the way I want to change?
If you led me away in front of all my sorrow,
I wonder what I would see.
And what if I could face all those people
whom I ran away from?
What would I say?
I cannot escape these thoughts,
these questions.
They corner me and lock me up in this rusted
cage, waiting for me to go insane,
because even they know,
I cannot change.
:iconelextrified:elextrified 12 6
An Autumn Abundance :iconteaphotography:TeaPhotography 110 47 Seasonal Abundance :iconteaphotography:TeaPhotography 118 50
A call for progress
We live in a world of abundance yet many are left in need,
our species fail to advance because our minds were poisoned by greed.
Aspirations for wealth and power lead to a loss of empathy,
a system of class where those on top look down on the "peasantry".
Writing this made me ask, it made me wonder;
is it to late or can we overturn this blunder.
I don't have all the answers but nonetheless I'll write,
For I solemnly believe: words not weapons will win the fight.
Boarders mean nothing they are but imagined lines,
to hell with countries and what nationalism defines.
Do you feel as I feel, a citizen of earth,
why should we care about someones place of birth.
My message is simple not glorious or grand,
divided we fall, together we stand.
:icongrimmshell:Grimmshell 14 8
Growing Abundance :iconrooze23:rooze23 112 36 Abundance :iconfractal-kiss:Fractal-Kiss 78 16 Paper Towns :icondefyxxnormality:DEFYxxNORMALITY 117 46 Bread Basket :iconwaynebenedet:WayneBenedet 110 51 Sweet Lolita II :iconjennyjinya:JennyJinya 112 19 The Empress :icontaho:taho 586 71 Store-cupboard Supplies :iconhogret:hogret 88 33 An Abundance of Katherines :iconharpymarx:HarpyMarx 309 16 Abundance - Dandelion Dancers :icondragontreasureart:DragonTreasureArt 172 42 Primal Reaper :iconwaynebenedet:WayneBenedet 105 94 Gypsy Soul :iconduirwaighstudios:DuirwaighStudios 93 10 June in the Forest IV :iconfeainne-stock:feainne-stock 61 5 Brotherhood 2.0 John and Hank :iconmsfurious:msfurious 86 33 Avatar: Chinese Characters 8 :iconfantasystockavatars:FantasyStockAvatars 109 9
All Seasons Promenade
All outside is dreary and grey
Jack Frost is preparing his speech
In his sharp baritone
Of icy points and dusty stars of white
From the northlands comes a hollow roar
Old Man Winter is striding about
Preparing to descend in a week or two
In all his glorious, furious might
In another year
You'll see Autumn at his dapper best
Arrayed in top hat, tails and spats
Till then he's in the Old Dominion
Sipping a mint julep with young Summertime
They discuss the Farmer's Almanac
While playing croquet or pinochle for laughs
Yet none of these compare
To that effervescent princess known as
Adorned in lilacs and cherry blossoms
Eyes that sparkle with morning dew
The forest glades now rendered in
Charcoal silhouette
To them she'll bring
Tender buds of kelly green
And the seasons will promenade
In their wondrous, ancient ways
Set in motion by almighty God
To Whom they render praise and laud.
:iconblacksand459:Blacksand459 15 19
Here's to all the places we went :iconkobitate94:kobitate94 15 0 Lakshmi :iconchipwhitehouse:ChipWhitehouse 75 7 Abundance :iconkaterina-art:Katerina-Art 108 84 Boqueria :icondamainnero:DamaInNero 64 26 Tarot-Queen of Pentacles :iconwintersmagic:wintersmagic 43 5
MISD: A is for Abundance
Amelia, a university graduate who had recently moved in with her fiancé, approached the entrance to a retail store.  She passed by a woman sitting at a table with a jar and various pamphlets.
“Excuse me, miss,” said the woman, “would you like save a child from starvation?  Just one dollar can safe a life!”  She handed Amelia a pamphlet with pictures of emaciated African children.  Amelia’s lips grew tight and she put a soft hand to her chest.  Nodding her head, she promised to donate some cash on her way out.  
“God bless you!” said the woman.  
After only twenty minutes, Amelia finished buying her essentials.  Making her way through the entertainment department to the checkout line, she spotted a DVD of a movie that she and her fiancé had wanted to see.  It was only ten dollars and she had just enough cash to add it to her basket.  
She bou
:iconempnezz:Empnezz 28 23
All of her strings have broken.
As if by the hand of God,
The tension builds,
As we sit idly by...
Wanting, cheering, screaming
Until that final string snaps.
Left behind are the skins
Of the girl who loved to cry.
Curling and blowing in the wind,
Under the blind lovers watchful eye
Who wanted the girl
Who wanted to die.
Sinking into tea cups from tear ducts,
That love had once inhabited,
Lathering her slick lips,
With what never should have been.
We could have all done something.
They're leaving town.
Else wise they'll drown.
The smooth echo of her voice,
Her pitch and tone aching with his tongue,
Captured in his open hands.
But he can still taste her lips.
Like no other man.
:iconfangirl8392:Fangirl8392 9 2
Goddess Manifest :iconrebeccatripp:RebeccaTripp 75 57 the fault in our stars cover 2 :iconsolemnlyswear22:solemnlyswear22 44 2 The Fault In Our Stars :iconakire-09:Akire-09 39 2 I like John Green. :iconloselips-sinkships:loselips-sinkships 50 19 An Abundance of Katherines Cover :iconeglemming:EGLemming 30 11 the fault in our stars cover :iconsolemnlyswear22:solemnlyswear22 50 33