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Stealth by MikkoLagerstedt Stealth :iconmikkolagerstedt:MikkoLagerstedt 2,022 87 .:Stalking.Abroad:. by trisis .:Stalking.Abroad:. :icontrisis:trisis 1,061 194
Japan x Reader- BAKA!
Japan x Reader
"I rove you."
You stare at the Japanese man who just professed his love for you. The one who hadn't visited you in years. The one who'd kept you waiting. You blushed as the cold air brushed against your pink nose. "B-b-b.. B-BAKA*!!" You shout, slapping him in the face and walked away from him, leaving his white face stained with a pink shade. "______!!" He yelled, his ink black hair blowing in the wind, chocolate eyes were filled with passion. 'At least he didn't break his promise..' You turned back at him, wondering whether or not you should keep walking away. Tears started sliding down your eyes as you remember the pain you felt when he was gone.
"I-I love you.."
You grumble as you kiss Kiku on the nose. He blushed, but smiled at you. "Wh-what are you smiling at?!" You whisper-shout at him, reminding him about your tsundere-ness. He chuckled. "No, nothing, ______-san."
The crowd noises filled your ears, and the loud rolling sound of luggage bag
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JapanxReader: Hot Springs
The track labeled “Stressful Day,” wouldn’t stop blaring through your head.  You were pretty sure today was the worst work-day of your life. To start the day, you were stuck in a traffic jam and couldn’t get out.  Next, you had to drop off some mail at the post office where someone thought it’d be a good idea to pull the fire alarm as a prank and the alarm had the most loud and obnoxious sounding beep EVER.  Then, you had to babysit for a friend and the kid wouldn’t stop crying until his mother got home; he didn’t even settle down after you feed him, bathed him, and burped him several times in that day.   Finally, you got caught up in another traffic jam trying to get home and your car horn broke and wouldn’t stop honking.
By the time you get home, you’re exhausted beyond belief.  You drop your things on the
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