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Drinking Demonade
I stumbled over my dignity
It was lying on the floor
I saw monstrosity
I was scared liked never before
I thought I could learn to fly
Drawing ancient ambigue signs
Dreamed of immortality
Lost in reality
There's no salvation
Brain amputation
The day terrifies and night enslaves
I'm stuck and dying in nothingness
Waiting is a pain not to stand
A shot is a relief
Now, in agony torturing your mind
Your body aches within me
Licking the blood you spat on the floor
I found myself revamped
:iconabrimaal:Abrimaal 12 15
The Beast
Soon the Winter comes
Flowers stopped to bloom
Through my body's warmth
The Beast in me will call
Nights go longer now
As cold runs my heart
Nature gives me signs
The Beast from me will rise
I don't know how and I don't know why
I have to rearrange my mind
To make the space for the Mighty One
I don't know who I will become this time
Soon my thoughts will change
It claims for revenge
Dancing on the edge
The Beast from me will hatch
Oh, I've sold my soul
To feel something more
Wicked me will crawl
The Beast will take control
I believe in it but it's not my faith
The Beast grows stronger everyday
The pregnancy I can't abort
It dwells in my mind and soul
"Sleep, sleep safe my child"
The Monster whispers from inside
"I need your body once again
I'll make you will not die this time"
I don't know why and I don't know if
Is it my child or a parasite
I have no choice I must obey
But It tells me I'm its God
:iconabrimaal:Abrimaal 8 0
The Lucky Cat Says Hello by Abrimaal The Lucky Cat Says Hello :iconabrimaal:Abrimaal 103 17 Green Spring Mourning by Abrimaal Green Spring Mourning :iconabrimaal:Abrimaal 15 18 Pusilla is pusilla by Abrimaal Pusilla is pusilla :iconabrimaal:Abrimaal 68 12 The Hunter by Abrimaal The Hunter :iconabrimaal:Abrimaal 83 2 Forecast by Abrimaal Forecast :iconabrimaal:Abrimaal 13 4
Vadera Lupa
Now Winter winds carry me
To the land that does exist
To the Kingdom of Dalegor
Where mrok and grom reign
Larches once green won't be until Spring
Naked they stand and the birds don't sing
Mróz in my lungs enables me to sing
Bór is dark though Luna shines for me
Wintry groza, vicher i lód
In this land alone with my life
In the kingdom of Czernoboh
Vataha runs through the Night
Oaks and birks not soon will be green
And never comes here the real Spring
In the kingdom of Perun burza will rage
The Sunlight won't melt the eternal ice
In this realm I, vilk
Will dance with my female
The stars in the sky
Will sing a sad aria
:iconabrimaal:Abrimaal 6 3
Schwarzcharakter by Abrimaal Schwarzcharakter :iconabrimaal:Abrimaal 45 7 Mluniaa by Abrimaal Mluniaa :iconabrimaal:Abrimaal 39 2 Pysiu and Mlunia by Abrimaal Pysiu and Mlunia :iconabrimaal:Abrimaal 32 5 Her Kitteous Stonehenge by Abrimaal Her Kitteous Stonehenge :iconabrimaal:Abrimaal 45 2
Life's often irresistible
The fear is neverending
While she was asleep
The sound of her breath
I really thought it was
The moment of her death
Demons will never lose your way
Demons will always take care
And only invisible aspects
Can make us be

Night orders the day to go home
Light obediently resides a silent dome
Life is too much opposite
Than you think
Night is so much composite
When you don't sleep
Save yourself she said
Save your life she cried
Find your way she said
Find yourself in this world
Demons will never lose your way
Demons will always take care
And only positive thinking
Can set us free

Save yourself - she died
:iconabrimaal:Abrimaal 7 3
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