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Warcraft - Abbie Whizzleblade by GENZOMAN Warcraft - Abbie Whizzleblade :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 3,153 152 You'll Die Happy by Athora-x You'll Die Happy :iconathora-x:Athora-x 264 25 Joker and Harley Kiss by zombiexsmile Joker and Harley Kiss :iconzombiexsmile:zombiexsmile 393 48 Sweet Pea - Sucker Punch Cosplay by Athora-x Sweet Pea - Sucker Punch Cosplay :iconathora-x:Athora-x 159 12 Harley in Arkham by zombiexsmile Harley in Arkham :iconzombiexsmile:zombiexsmile 568 96 Sucker Punch Sweet Pea by jamietyndall Sucker Punch Sweet Pea :iconjamietyndall:jamietyndall 2,235 93 Sweet Pea - 'Sucker Punch' by theclumsyninja Sweet Pea - 'Sucker Punch' :icontheclumsyninja:theclumsyninja 153 15 Rocket [Sucker Punch] by Emmaliene Rocket [Sucker Punch] :iconemmaliene:Emmaliene 152 56 Abbey Bominable by KittRen Abbey Bominable :iconkittren:KittRen 354 47 Your Sweetest little Pea by Athora-x Your Sweetest little Pea :iconathora-x:Athora-x 134 26 Sucker Punch Wallpaper by jamesoincandenza Sucker Punch Wallpaper :iconjamesoincandenza:jamesoincandenza 826 32 Teens Next Door portraits by mystryl-shada Teens Next Door portraits :iconmystryl-shada:mystryl-shada 1,228 165 Sucker Punch by Elisa-Feliz Sucker Punch :iconelisa-feliz:Elisa-Feliz 294 32 Sleepy Hollow #1 BOOM! exclusive cover by kevinwada Sleepy Hollow #1 BOOM! exclusive cover :iconkevinwada:kevinwada 454 18 Sweet Pea - Close up by Athora-x Sweet Pea - Close up :iconathora-x:Athora-x 107 13 -Sleepy Hollow- by obsceneblue -Sleepy Hollow- :iconobsceneblue:obsceneblue 225 25 Sleepy Hollow by ChibiKinesis Sleepy Hollow :iconchibikinesis:ChibiKinesis 147 13 Army of Me by Athora-x Army of Me :iconathora-x:Athora-x 90 17
How Jagger Stole Woodstock
Everyone in the 60's liked Woodstock a lot,
But The Rolling Stones, who were uninvited, did not.
Mick was so pissed off that his band didn't go,
Especially when The Who was invited to do their show.
They were almost the same, their clothes and their shoes.
But something made Mick keep on hating The Who.
Their music was similar, the rhythms and tones.
Why, then, were the Stones not invited to go?
He turned to Keith Richards with a horrible sneer.
"Their show is tomorrow, it's practically here!"
He pondered as Charlie Watts continued his drumming.
"I MUST find a way to stop Woodstock from coming!"
For when they performed, Mick thought with a scowl,
The crowd would go crazy, he thought it was fowl.
Roger would pick up the mic and begin the show
And what happened next was impossible to know.
But Mick knew in the end that Moon's cymbals would crash,
And Townshend's guitar would end up getting smashed.
And the more that Mick thought of their glamorous fame,
The more he wanted to put the Who
:iconsnapestar:SnapeStar 17 19
Vulnerability and Advantage by InAbsentia Vulnerability and Advantage :iconinabsentia:InAbsentia 206 49 In Love with the Sky by isdira In Love with the Sky :iconisdira:isdira 160 37 Lt Abbie Mills by LindaMarieAnson Lt Abbie Mills :iconlindamarieanson:LindaMarieAnson 112 20 Sweet Pea and Babydoll by Athora-x Sweet Pea and Babydoll :iconathora-x:Athora-x 76 3 Almost Lovers by InAbsentia Almost Lovers :iconinabsentia:InAbsentia 586 143 DeApp: Abbie Playlist by talywankers DeApp: Abbie Playlist :icontalywankers:talywankers 79 31 NATASHA and ABBIE by sleeperkid NATASHA and ABBIE :iconsleeperkid:sleeperkid 236 5 [Uncensored Available!] [Commish] Abbie by wtfeather [Uncensored Available!] [Commish] Abbie :iconwtfeather:wtfeather 144 12 Ichabbie :D by ChibiKinesis Ichabbie :D :iconchibikinesis:ChibiKinesis 86 8 Donut Hole Jealousy by FalseHope04 Donut Hole Jealousy :iconfalsehope04:FalseHope04 116 34 LOOK LEFTENANT, THE STARBUCKS by ottors LOOK LEFTENANT, THE STARBUCKS :iconottors:ottors 103 4 Sleepy Hollow by Maliris-San Sleepy Hollow :iconmaliris-san:Maliris-San 212 35 The TND by D00Mk1tty14 The TND :icond00mk1tty14:D00Mk1tty14 276 52
We spun into each other’s lives
In a circle of vertigo
Forever. Our love won’t go
Away. We touch the sky
Together yet we can’t fly
Today. You ask me why,
Dan? Because we’re high,
I’m distracting myself
By playing with your long blonde hair
The demons are still there
Your parents think I’m dirt, you know
There’s a problem with our cash flow
So we steal... I mean borrow
And the same tomorrow?
Now I have nothing but sorrow
You’re selling yourself to put things right
Candy, are you alright?
No. Of course you’re not
It’s you giving it all you’ve got
I like that painting you did of us a lot
What do I do? Sit here and rot
I’m reading you my writing
I’m your bedside entertainment this evening
My words. To you do they have a meaning?
But I’ll carry on
Still. Things go wrong
Chill. All hope isn’t gone
I will get a job, it won’t be long
I made a tent for the TV & I
There’s something really good on tonight
:iconbelissimorte:Belissimorte 12 14
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