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Old Fords And Farms by kkart Old Fords And Farms :iconkkart:kkart 4,084 328 Abandoned by t1na Abandoned :icont1na:t1na 1,907 70 14. :I feel free..: by bittersweetvenom 14. :I feel free..: :iconbittersweetvenom:bittersweetvenom 1,006 53 Freddy's Nope Chat Icon by gold94chica Freddy's Nope Chat Icon :icongold94chica:gold94chica 1,979 677 Castle Ruins by SourShade Castle Ruins :iconsourshade:SourShade 210 4 Old Abandoned house stock 6 by FairieGoodMother Old Abandoned house stock 6 :iconfairiegoodmother:FairieGoodMother 198 57 The Falling by Aegils The Falling :iconaegils:Aegils 451 84 memory by koyamori memory :iconkoyamori:koyamori 2,726 0 abandon house by UnidColor abandon house :iconunidcolor:UnidColor 1,143 41
Pirate!EnglandxReader: Good Men Gone
"Al, Mat, get back here!" you shouted trying to call back your five year old twin sons.
Alfred and Matthew had run ahead on the beach, and out of your sights. "Ma! Ma! Look what I found!"
Alfred and Matthew soon came back within sights, Alfred holding in one hand, his brother's hand, and the other a sea shell. "It's beautiful Al."
"It's for you," he said putting it in your hand. Matthew let go of his twin's hand and grabbed onto your skirt.
"Mama, I wanna go home," he yawned, "I'm tired."
You looked up at the sun, "Well it does seem time for your nap."
Alfred jumped up and down, "I don't need a nap!"
Matthew reached up for you to carry him. "Mama…"
Making sure he had his teddy bear you picked him up and held him on your hip. With your other hand you took Alfred's hand, "Time to go Al. The beach can get mighty scary if you don't have someone to protect you."
"I'm not tired," he complained.
"You still need to get a nap while I make dinner," you said.
On the way back to your small cottage
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Mom!Reader x Child!Sealand: Baby Mine (Song-fic)
Baby mine, don't you cry.
Baby mine, dry your eyes.
Rest your head close to my heart,
never to part,
baby of mine.

You held the small boy in your arms in your arms, the poor child. He had lost his parents and elder brother in a terrible car accident a few months back and he was the only survivor. You ran your hand through the boy’s sandy blonde locks that so messy it couldn’t be tamed in an act to comfort him. He was so young, 5 years of age. Your heart ached for the child as his blue green eyes spilled out endless tears.
You hugged the child closer to you, trying your very best to comfort him. This child was an orphan now, and needed someone to take care of him. That’s where you came to play; you were a foster mother, it was your job. And you were assigned to take care of this child for two years, unless adopted by another family, until he gets transferred to another foster care mother.
You had learned that this boy had spent his nights crying himself to sleep
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