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Golden! Freddy x Reader (first one ever)
You kept checking Foxy constantly just as the caller told you but, he kept managing to almost kill you. You groaned seeing as you still had 3 hours remaining. You looked in camera 2b and saw the poster changed to Freddy with no eyes. Though, it looked slightly lighter than the normal Freddy. You put down the tablet and nearly screamed when you saw a golden Freddy slumped over. You assumed the Freddy's insides were taken out so it was hollow unless, there was a dead body in it. You stared in horror as it stayed. As soon as you blinked the golden Freddy had moved and was in front of you. It's eyeless ones looking at yours. You badly wanted to move but, you also didn't want to provoke him. He put his head between your neck and sniffed your hair. "Mommy." A glitchy deep robotic voice said. You hesitated to speak but, finally said, "Yes." You felt the bear move slightly in a hugging like manner. The bear let out a crying noise that made you feel bad. 'The bear is probably possessed by the 5
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