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50 Ways to Piss Off Kakashi
1. Run up to him and yank off his mask
2. Stare at him for a minute, then pull it back up and say “You look better this way…”
3. Tell him Gai is way sexier than he his
4. Tell him his Sharingan is just a cheap rip off, and he shouldn’t go around ripping other people’s eyes out
5. Go up to him and ask, “Who cuts your hair? Beavers?”
6. Tell him he forgot to put on matching eyes this morning
7. Ask if he’s old because he has gray hair
8. Show him GaiKakashi
9. Show GAI GaiKakashi
10. Steal all his Icha Icha books
11. Replace them with Encyclopedia Britannica
12. Ask if he has gray hair...down THERE
13. Ask why he spends his mornings talking to rocks (the memorial stone)
14. If he tells you, pause for a moment, then ask why he talks to dead
15. Whenever he enters a room, play “Sex Bomb”
16. Sick Zabuza fangirls on him
17. Ask WHY he molests Naruto in their first training episode
18. Call Sasuke his “mini-me”
19. Proclaim t
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50 Ways to Piss Off Deidara
1. Tell him Sasori loves him
2. Ask if it’s fun to be Uke
3. Take his clay
4. Replace it with Play-Doh
5. Steal his eye-scope
6. Paint it pink
7. Show him SasoDei
8. Show him ItaDei
9. Wink and tell him you know of a “good use” for the mouths on his hands
10. Say “un” at the end of your sentences to mock him
11. Run around yelling “I win! My art wins!” (he says this TWICE in his battle with Sasuke)
12. Ask if he’s depressed
13. Compare him to Iraqi suicide bombers
14. Tell him his sculptures suck
15. Steal Itachi’s mascara and put it in his room
16. Inform him that black nail polish is soooo last year
17. Offer him speech therapy
18. Tell him Gaara has a crush on him
19. Go up to him and say “Excuse me miss, but I-oh! Hey Deidara!”
20. Keep emphasizing how EASILY Itachi beat him
21. Side with Sasori in all of their arguments
22. Call him Dei-chan
23. Tell him art is boring
24. Every time he says “art is a bang”, yell
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50 Ways to Piss Off Kisame
1. Take him to the aquarium
2. Say you saw his mother there
3. Eat sushi in front of him. Loudly and voiolently.
4. Get sick, cough on him until he catches a cold
5. Feed him shark fin soup *while he's too sick to smell it*
6. Tell him Itachi's leaving him for Tobi
7. Ask if he and Itachi wear matching nailpolish because they're lovers
8. Show him KisaIta
9. Ask if he's REALLY seme
10. Say his sword looks like a giant tampon
11. Ask what the POINT is of wrapping up his blade
12. Ask if his sword is so ridiculously huge because he's compensating for something
13. When he walks into the room, play "Jaws"
14. When he walks into the room, play "I'm Blue"
15. Take him to a gay bar
16. Say he needs help. Big time.
17. Offer him some Prozac
18. Show him ZetsuKisa
19. Record his reaction and show the tape to Zetsu
20. Make pervy allusions to his "sword"
21. Spike his and Itachi's food with Viagra
22. Buy a weasel plush toy and say you found it in his room
23. Accuse him of bathing in blue Kool
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50 Ways To Piss Off Neji
1. Inform him that “Rock Lee is the smex”
2. Show him NejiHina
3. Claim you are his long lost cousin
4. If he asks for proof, do a really crappy Byakugan imitation
5. Point at him and ask “what’s with the blind chick?”
6. Ask why there’s a swastika on his forehead
7. Tell him Ten Ten is pregnant with his child
8. Tell him LEE is pregnant with his child
9. Inform Ten Ten/Lee that he uses Byakugan on them ALL THE TIME
10. Inform GAI he uses Byakugan on him all the time
11. Videotape them beating him up
12. Steal all his clothes, leaving nothing in his closet but green spandex
13. Give him a 5000 item list as to why the Sharingan is so much better than Byakugan
14. Tell Lee he’s a girl
15. When he gets angry say “Oh, looks like somebody’s PMSing!”
16. Whenever he’s fighting play “Macarena”
17. When he’s fighting play “Safety Dance”
18. Bang his head on the wall
19. If he asks what you&
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Ways To Annoy Claude Faustus
Although I do like Claude quite a bit, I just couldn't resist making this :D
You may have to watch Black Butler 2 in order to understand some of these.
1. Steal his glasses
2. Stare at him constantly, but don't say a word.
3. When he's washing dishes, tell him he missed a spot.
4. Decorate Alois's entire mansion with pictures of Sebastian.
5. If Claude asks from where or how you got the pictures, tell him that you did a little favor for Sebastian in exchange for them. *wink wink*
6. When you see a spider, take off your shoe and go to kill it. Make sure Claude sees this.
7. Give Alois a Ricky Martin CD and urge him to dance to "The Cup Of Life" ~Ole!~
8. Invite Grell over and talk about how devilishly handsome Sebastian is. In front of Claude.
9. Tell Alois he should have Claude wear a pair of booty shorts as his new uniform attire.
10. Tell Claude he looks like he's the child of Sebastian Michaelis and William T. Spears
11. Ask Claude why he couldn't take the form of a more ominous cre
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50 Ways to Piss Off Itachi
1. Inform him that Sasuke could probably kill him in his sleep
2. Whenever he gets angry, ask if he’s PMSing
3. Ask about his sex life
4. Show him KisaIta and ItaDei
5. Show him ItaSasu
6. Record his reaction
7. Give him dark glasses for his birthday
8. Or a cane
9. Whenever he walks into a room, play “I am beautiful”
10. Whenever he walks into a room, play “Barbie girl”
11. Pat him on the shoulder and say “he touched you, didn’t he?” then walk away
12. Accuse him of drawing the lines under his eyes
13. Whenever he walks by say “Maybe it’s natural, maybe it’s Mayebelline”
14. Ask who does his nails
15. Cut off his ponytail and gel his hair to stand up (note: This will make him look JUST LIKE SASUKE, so you may have to fight off fangirls once you do this)
16. Inform him that he’s “a couple commas short of a Sharingan.” (yes, I came up with that myself)
17. Offer to strip for him (if you’re a girl)
18. When
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50 Ways to Piss Off Gaara
1. Call him “the sandman”
2. Ask where he got the contacts
3. Tell him he does a great job with his eyeliner
4. Hold an emo contest between him and Uchiha Sasuke
5. Declare him the clear winner
6. If he protests, show the scene when he’s a kid and is trying to stab his wrists
7. Show him LeeGaa
8. Ask why he’s always on bottom
9. Ask if he’s wearing underwear under his robes
10. If he refuses to answer, assume this means no
11. Write “____ was here” on his gourd
12. Blame Kankuro
13. Ask if it’d kill him to just brush his hair
14. Get him green spandex for his birthday
15. Get a really SEXY picture of Lee in a heart shaped frame
16. Put it on his desk
17. Swear  that it’s always been there
18. Stare at him for a long time
19. When he finally asks why you’re staring, say you were just wondering when he’d go all homicidal again
20. Ask if he still has his teddy bear
21. No matter what he answers, point and laugh
22. Buy him
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Allies x Reader-50 State Stereotypes
Allies x Reader-50 State Stereotypes
Warning-This is complete and utter crack. I seriously doubt it will make any sense. If you happen to an American you MAY or may not take offense to this, though I seriously doubt any of you will. Americans ARE Americans after all, we'll laugh at anything funny.
[At an Allies meeting.]
"Ok dudes, my boss totally wants me to do a...Uhmm.." America paused and took off his shoe to look at a sticky note. "Uhh...Haha, I can't even read my own hand writing!" He laughed that super cute- I mean, annoying- laugh of his. "Well anyways, my boss wants to know how the other countries see the United States Of Awesome so he can improve foreign relations! Britain! Tell me what you think of Alabama or else I'll nuke the holy hell out of you." America smiled a sickly sweet smile, one that made even Russia feel ki
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50 Ways to Freak People Out
50 Ways to Freak People Out
In an elevator…
1. Hum the Batman theme incessantly for twenty minutes
2. Wait on the elevator with a big bucket of Skittles until there are a lot of people on there with you. When you get to a high floor or desired number of victims, wait till the door opens and then scream “TASTE THE RAINBOW!” at the top of your lungs, pour the Skittles all over the elevator, and run.
3. Go up to somebody of the same gender and lick them
4. Go up to somebody of the opposite gender and lick them
5. Go up to somebody of any gender and lick them. Then look disgusted and slap them for no reason whatsoever.
6. Drop a penny down the elevator shaft and then scream “NO! MOMMY, COME BACK!”
7. Stare at somebody and lick your lips. Then pull out your cell phone, pretend to dial, and say “I’ve found a likely candidate for our…experiment.”
8. Then glance at them.
9. Then start laughing maniacally.
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50 Ways to Piss off Hidan
1. Tell him Jesus loves him. Constantly
2. Call his god “Jasmin”
3. Ask where he got the purple contacts
4. Start one of those jars where a person has to put in a nickel every time they curse
5. Have Kakuzu monitor the jar (you know he will ^^)
6. Ask if you can borrow his necklace
7. Write “____ was here” on his scythe
8. Blame Deidara for it
9. Send him sex notes
10. Say they’re from Zetsu
11. Tell him he takes being emo to the extreme
12. Dress up as an emo and greet him as your brethren
13. Suggest that the two of you cut your wrists together
14. Laugh when his head gets cut off
15. Ask why the hell he’s so annoying
16. Pat his shoulder and say “It’s okay to be gay”
17. Tie him down and pierce his bellybutton
18. Steal his hair gel
19. Shave his head
20. Buy him the Bible for his birthday
21. Show him KakuHidan
22. Show him HidanSaku
23. Put disturbing pictures of Kakuzu up in his room
24. Ask when the two of them are getting married
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