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Dance Lessons
Title: Dance Lessons
Author: LilSisSyd
Game: Mass Effect Series
characters/pairing: Garrus x Reader
Disclaimer: Bioware owns all things associated with the Mass Effect series. You own you. I just own the plot.

(y/n)-Your Name
(h/l)-Hair Length
(h/c)-Hair Color
(e/c)-Eye Color
(s/c)-Skin Color
(f/c)-Favorite Color
(c/f)-Cake Flavor
              Commander (y/n) Shepard let out a heavy sigh as the headache inducing thumping of the obnoxiously loud music thundered all around, making her insides vibrate along to the fast paced beat. She had never liked clubs…..well, despised was the word that was better fit her feelings towards these kinds of places. So why was she spending her valuable time here in this bar when she should be out saving humanity from the Collectors? Well, the long and short of it was that her companions thought that she was working herself too hard and needed to let loose, even if it was just for one night at the near
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*Captain Over Protective* Steve X Pregnant!Reader
(( SOOOO I have been working on this after school and finally decided to upload it. Sorry it's a bit of...well it sucks. Anyway COMMENTS ARE GREATLY LOVED So sorry to my Marvel watchers for not having anything out recently I figured its well your turn to get something again. Oh and there is a link to more Steve stories in the description.))
         " Stark I need to speak with you." The blonde announced rounding the corner into the 'Dome of Confusion', as he considered the lab where Dr Banner and Mr Stark typically spent their hours working on science mumbo jumbo. " What? What now? I'm eating." The brunette said with a food packed mouth as he motioned dramatically to the half eaten sandwich on the table he was leaning against. " You can answer with the sandwich just...swallow first please. It's about (Name)." The look of worry and confusion with mixed in hurt on his face alerted the Man of Iron and he quickly stood up and washed down the food with a drink of water. " She okay
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The American Dream

Dr. Evans opened his ice chest and to get out a nice cold Dr Pepper out of his ice chest. He was currently just laying out in the hot Mexican sun on July 4, while everyone back in the States were celebrating Independence Day. It was a fine vacation so far, funded entirely from a single check from his favorite patient Cally Haywood. Anyway, as he reached for his ice cold beverage, he was shocked to find that there was no drinks to be found at all. This angered the doctor, but luckily, he had a techno-magic seal attached to all of his drinks, which would send them back right to him at the press a single button. Upon pressing said button, not only did his drinks reappear, still in their netting, but they were in the hands of a small Mexican boy, probably nowhere past four years old. The boy seemed to wear nothing but rags, a sure sign of either poverty or really good acting, and was looking at the doctor with a horrified expression.
"Do you s
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