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MLG420SwagMaster!Balloon Boy X Shrek Yaoi fanfic
It was Jeremys 91@!st on the job and all of a sudden balon boyy cam an decided to make himself mlg pro, he changed his naym and ddddddddecideddddddddddddd to turn into Xxx_MLGBB_xxX Jeremy was in his office and bb was in the vent taking him by surprise, he was wearing a hat that said obey,and a shirt that had faze on it.. "Sup scrub i will rek yo fagut get shrekt son fight me irl 1v1 me m9 you aren't a part of faze get on my level sponsored by mountain dewritos®". At first he was confused but then out of somewhere or nowhere Shrek appeared out of nowhere. Jeremy was just shocked at this point. "What are you dong here you belong in a movie not my off-" He was suddenly interrupted as bb said omg i love you shrek you are love you are life. Shrek said in a
deep muscular stringy deep voice why would i associate with scrubs lol get out m10. Jeremy was just udderly confused at this point. He then said out loud. "I quir I'm done with this resteraunt i'm gonna get myself comuntiered. "I ca
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