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Midnight Snacks|Nightmare!Chica x Child!Reader
"Noooooo get outta here!!!" You hissed, shining your flashlight at the three Freddy minions on your bed. They looked up and shrieked from the brightness before zipping off the bed.
Now that they were gone, you could focus on finding the rest-
You winced and clutched your stomach. Of ALL days, why does it decide to want a Midnight snack NOW? "Be quiet," you whispered, "just a few more hours..." Heading towards the middle of the room, you picked up the sound of breathing and ran towards the right door, slamming it shut.
"No! You cannot come in here--ughhh..Shut up, stomach!"
"͏̛W͏́͢á͜s ̢́t̴̵҉h̶͠a̶̷t҉͜ ͢͝ý͠ǫ̸u͜͠r͟ ̴s̵̢t́͟o̸m̨a̷c̸̡h̴, ̡d҉e̵͢ar?̧̡̕"̶̧" Nightmare Chica asked. You jumped a bit, though you weren't sure if it was because
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Animatronics x reader Five night's at Freddy's p4
You're eyes widened immensely. "Why me?" you asked. "Easy, first you know so much about this place you know what needs to be repaired or fixed, you're a woman and if guys see you work here they're going to want a piece of you so they'll leave their kids to do whatever while they get to see you." You heard the other animatronics grumble angrily. "Also, you may not know it but, you are special I won't tell you yet but, let's just say you have a interesting family tree and you have some business worker traits in you but, I'll let you guess from who." You froze. Your parents weren't really business people like advertising but, it made you think. You avoided Freddy's eyes but, asked. "Why do you want to reopen so bad- what are you going to eat kids?" Freddy smirked. "Eat those little creatures," he slowly shook his head, "No us animatronics get lonely we have been sitting here for years- we kill guards for our own reason we won't say but, we want to work again." You frowned. 
"How can
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