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The Devouring Tower :iconfatherstone:FatherStone 16 7 Special Agent Wilbur Robinson :iconharikou:harikou 41 37 2037 Experiment With Drugs :iconartistmaz:ArtistMaz 23 10 MEET THE ROBINSONS CELEBRATION :icondetectivetoony:DetectiveToony 21 28 2037 Neon Experiment reference :iconartistmaz:ArtistMaz 16 4 Flag of the Hellenic Imperial Army :iconadmiralmichalis:AdmiralMichalis 5 0 The World of Plight of the Black Knight :iconshoguneagle:Shoguneagle 6 4 'Hey There' Sketch :iconninjarabbitliz:NinjaRabbitLiz 4 0 Mc Lion 2037 Skins Themes to ObjectDock :iconmarcusworlds:Marcusworlds 5 4 Mid-Morning Banter :iconroflo-felorez:RoFlo-Felorez 3 0 Mort and DiNiro '10 :iconroflo-felorez:RoFlo-Felorez 2 0 Box 02. 037 Vulpix :iconkuruttra:Kuruttra 3 0
“But Mo-om, I despise school!”
“I know, darling. I did too when I was your age.” Lettie's mother turned from her notepad, smiling at her daughter. “I hated it so much, I cut gym every Wednesday for two years. They never caught me.” She frowned, more in concentration than anger. “That's not an invitation for you to skip, now. Anyway, at least now there are classes for children-”
“I'm not a child.” Lettie muttered under her breath.
“-Children with gifted minds such as you. When I was a kid, I was lumped with all the nitwits, no matter that I had a “genius” IQ and could do algebraic equations before they'd finished reading the Dick and Jane books.”
Lettie was obviously impressed. “Could you really?”
“No- or maybe yes. In the old inner-city schools, a lot of kids couldn't read properly, even in middle school.”
“Pre-Teen Eduction, you mean,” Lettie offered.
“Whatever. The fancy names the
:iconashes-scattered:ashes-scattered 2 2
DiNiro 3D :iconroflo-felorez:RoFlo-Felorez 2 7 Zombiehair :iconroflo-felorez:RoFlo-Felorez 1 0 2037 page 03 :iconavaruus-apina:avaruus-apina 1 6 Thanks! 2000+ Pvs! :iconsupereevvee:SuperEevvee 1 0 2037 page 05 :iconavaruus-apina:avaruus-apina 1 9 Wipeout :iconcaptain-beefy:Captain-Beefy 1 0 :iconspy-seth:spy-seth 1 2 Pyro-Bot :iconcyborg43:Cyborg43 1 0 Happy New Years by 2008-2064!!!!!!! :icondeedeewolfgr73:Deedeewolfgr73 1 0 Apolo 2037 :iconelgucci:elgucci 0 0 DiNiro '10 :iconroflo-felorez:RoFlo-Felorez 1 0 Batman :iconartchivist:Artchivist 2 0 Mort and DiNiro '11 sketch :iconroflo-felorez:RoFlo-Felorez 0 4 BN GP20 2037 2, 8-19-87 :iconeyepilot13:eyepilot13 23 3 OC Sketch: Liva Mishchkin :iconstrelok86:Strelok86 1 0 2037 page 04 :iconavaruus-apina:avaruus-apina 1 5 2037 Logo Homer :iconthevirus2077:thevirus2077 0 0 NICO 2037 :iconluciusbeta:LuciusBeta 0 0
Chapter 2 - Strange Encounter
The inter-bubble coach was passing by Old London, which was destroyed by a freak earthquake in 2023, the year in which Griffin was born, the year before bubbles were placed over all the towns and cities across the world. Old London was currently only inhabited by animals that had been mutated by radiation poisoning, most people who met Griffin believed he belonged in a place like that.
The inter-bubble bus approached a large, high bubble which housed a New London and a beautiful green forest, which when you looked at it, made you forgot about the fact that there had ever been any nuclear poisoning. The bubble had ten chambers and eleven gates before the coach could reach the actual city, the first gate would open letting the inter-bubble coach into the first chamber, then it would close and afterwards the second gate would open. When the second gate had closed the first chamber would be vented by an advanced air control system. In the fifth and seventh chambers the coach would also be
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Feliz 2037 :iconerickn:erickn 1 2 Tails and Sonic ( 2037 ) :iconyoshisonicteam:yoshisonicteam 1 0 2037 :iconsetsu-san:Setsu-san 0 0 2037 page 02 :iconavaruus-apina:avaruus-apina 0 2 Email from 2037 :iconalisha120058:alisha120058 0 0 The Snake :iconroronin27:roronin27 0 0 2037 :iconrockerms:RockerMS 0 0 2037 page 01 :iconavaruus-apina:avaruus-apina 0 3 Robot Raw :iconjustinaerni:justinaerni 6 1
The Time Curfew - Ch. 1
Ch.1 - The past ain´t through with you
Disclaimer: I don´t own My Chemical Romance ;)
My hands touched the small, silver handle, feeling cold to the touch. What was this? Possibly another piece of junk? Debris perhaps? I inspected the object closely, taking in its whole array of tangled wires and circuits. No, definitely not, this was too new and impeccable to be true, yet it was here. But how… ?
"Frank! Hurry up will ya ?!", one of my very few friends left, Brian, called.
I tore my eyes off the unknown piece of machinery, looking at my surroundings. Blown up buildings, incinerated rest of corpses, guns, poison masks, all war left behind. This was the apocalypse after all, the feared 2012 – rather 2037 by now. 25 years had gone past so painfully slow that I wish they hadn't. Living in a barren world after a nuclear aftermath that killed most of humanity isn't easy. Especially when you have to cope with the feeling of hunger, desperately feeding
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Mort '10 :iconroflo-felorez:RoFlo-Felorez 1 0 Paradise :iconclarit:Clarit 1 0
So you were born in 2037
You were born in the year 2037! Learn what 2037 was like through this pamphlet.
Price for gallon of gas:
Price for gallon of milk :
Famous Books written in 2037:
It Ended Too Quickly (A series of short stories),
Pope: Reloaded: How the Vatican Failed To Conquer Europe ( the Title says it all),
Your iBrain and You (From the immense popularity of the iBrain).
Famous Celebrities:
French actress Nicolet Jean-Claude,
American actor Gregory Hopkins,
Avant- garde actress and artist Lia Hong,
environmentalist Alfred Freeman.
Famous Celebrity Deaths:
January 6th, Oprah Winfrey dies at 83 due to drug overdose. Over 3 million attended the funeral.
April 12, 'Disco Straitjacket,'  singer Gaga (formerly known as Lady GaGa) dies at 51 by suddenly bursting into flames. Music sales break records, Gaga perfume sales plummet.
September 31st, Dr. Dre dies at 72 for reasons unknown, it was in his will that none of his fans know of how he died. Though rumors have it that he was a psy
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House Number 2037 :iconsookiat36:sookiat36 0 2 Second Place? :iconspatialheather:SpatialHeather 0 1