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03-09 IMPROVEMENT MEME TEMP by Kamaniki 03-09 IMPROVEMENT MEME TEMP :iconkamaniki:Kamaniki 12,432 3,304 Human Bros x5 by 10yrsy Human Bros x5 :icon10yrsy:10yrsy 1,676 692 Bad Dream by 10yrsy Bad Dream :icon10yrsy:10yrsy 1,127 366 2003-2017 Progress meme by MLeth 2003-2017 Progress meme :iconmleth:MLeth 273 167 Maybe Want by 10yrsy Maybe Want :icon10yrsy:10yrsy 1,035 339 SW - Scar by Renny08 SW - Scar :iconrenny08:Renny08 888 169
TMNT Raphael X Reader-Self Defence training
Raphael has always been a little over protective of you but it was his own way of saying he cared.  He secretly had a crush on you almost the moment you two met a few months back.  Ever since then, you've been coming over to the lair a few times a week and you've gotten pretty close to all of the turtles including Master Splinter.  Raphael didn't know it but you had a crush on him as well.  You honestly loved spending time with him even when he had one his tantrums.  When he asked you if you wanted to learn a few self defense techniques and of course you said yes.  For the past week, he took it upon himself to teach you a few self defense moves.
You two currently had the dojo to yourselves while Michelangelo and Leonardo played video games in the living room, Donatello was busy working on the shellraiser, and Master Splinter was in his room meditating.  Raphael stood a few feet in front of you as he began today's lesson.  
"Ok, let's say you're w
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Improvement meme 13 YEARS OF ART by Suzanne-Helmigh Improvement meme 13 YEARS OF ART :iconsuzanne-helmigh:Suzanne-Helmigh 912 419 Pass It On: Donatello by 10yrsy Pass It On: Donatello :icon10yrsy:10yrsy 1,002 305 Peter Pan by twinfools Peter Pan :icontwinfools:twinfools 953 143 Peter Pan- Take my Hand by twinfools Peter Pan- Take my Hand :icontwinfools:twinfools 944 97 Turtle stuff 4 (human vers) by 10yrsy Turtle stuff 4 (human vers) :icon10yrsy:10yrsy 887 247 Yotam, 2006 by gilad Yotam, 2006 :icongilad:gilad 701 509 Human Bros x3 by 10yrsy Human Bros x3 :icon10yrsy:10yrsy 879 305 Mata Nui sights - Coastal Woodlands by IRON6DUCK Mata Nui sights - Coastal Woodlands :iconiron6duck:IRON6DUCK 186 20 Peter Pan- Till Morning by twinfools Peter Pan- Till Morning :icontwinfools:twinfools 1,092 148 Improvement Meme by celesse Improvement Meme :iconcelesse:celesse 1,120 132 Peter Pan- Neverland Song by twinfools Peter Pan- Neverland Song :icontwinfools:twinfools 2,495 317 Peter Pan: Miss Bell by VandorWolf Peter Pan: Miss Bell :iconvandorwolf:VandorWolf 1,195 167 Peter Pan- Explore by twinfools Peter Pan- Explore :icontwinfools:twinfools 525 28 Pink by 10yrsy Pink :icon10yrsy:10yrsy 714 229 Peter Pan- Stubborn Boy by twinfools Peter Pan- Stubborn Boy :icontwinfools:twinfools 1,187 53 Peter Pan- Lost Boy by twinfools Peter Pan- Lost Boy :icontwinfools:twinfools 1,224 123 Dem Dark Dudes by 10yrsy Dem Dark Dudes :icon10yrsy:10yrsy 994 360 Akumu [Yume nikki] by jcm2 Akumu [Yume nikki] :iconjcm2:jcm2 478 58 Wendy Darling Gagged gif by Bondomunk Wendy Darling Gagged gif :iconbondomunk:Bondomunk 490 52 Yotam, 2008 by gilad Yotam, 2008 :icongilad:gilad 1,137 455 03-13 Meme by ippus 03-13 Meme :iconippus:ippus 1,647 157 Peter Pan and Tinkerbell by VandorWolf Peter Pan and Tinkerbell :iconvandorwolf:VandorWolf 788 144 Aurora by doverdingbat Aurora :icondoverdingbat:doverdingbat 683 80 Draw this again again again by ShiChel Draw this again again again :iconshichel:ShiChel 234 47 Do Not Want by 10yrsy Do Not Want :icon10yrsy:10yrsy 817 183 Ten Years Anniversary by KmyeChan Ten Years Anniversary :iconkmyechan:KmyeChan 324 157 2003-2009 art meme by Parororo 2003-2009 art meme :iconparororo:Parororo 1,730 376
Fullmetal Kingdom ~ Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Sora Begins
A train arrived at 11:17 AM, many passengers came out to visit and spend the seasons on pleasant eves and vacation, but only one passenger, a military soldier, was here on business. The soldier passed through crowds of joyful families, reuniting and sharing pleasant chatter. The soldier smiled, enjoying his walk past the happy folk, wishing that he had times like that to spend with his loved ones, but he wasn't here to play, he was here to speak with someone.
As he came down the stairs, away from the station, the soldier read the sign at the end, "Destiny Islands, a resort made by families, for families."
The soldier approached a large building, a daycare center, and quite a noisy one to, he could hear children laughing and playing inside. The soldier entered the building, and all around him, he could see countless children running through the hallways, and down the stairs. In front of the soldier was a man sitting behind a desk, that man greeted the soldier, "Ma
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Peter Pan: Tinkerbell by VandorWolf Peter Pan: Tinkerbell :iconvandorwolf:VandorWolf 1,277 324 Dark Turtle Tots by Neos-mies Dark Turtle Tots :iconneos-mies:Neos-mies 800 139 Oracle of Seasons by LiKovacs Oracle of Seasons :iconlikovacs:LiKovacs 530 135 Improvement Meme 2003-2016 by Kutty-Sark Improvement Meme 2003-2016 :iconkutty-sark:Kutty-Sark 614 206 Yotam, 2007 by gilad Yotam, 2007 :icongilad:gilad 1,056 653 Matoran Universe map by DarthDestruktor Matoran Universe map :icondarthdestruktor:DarthDestruktor 177 94 Trial Celica by couleur Trial Celica :iconcouleur:couleur 521 144 03-09 Improvement Meme by vashperado 03-09 Improvement Meme :iconvashperado:vashperado 415 200
TMNT Leonardo X Reader I'm Not Jealous
It was another day at the lair, you've been coming over for the past few months ever since they saved you from the Kraang.  You secretly had a crush on the blue clad turtle since then but recently, ever since he met Karai, the princess of the foot clan, he wouldn't stop talking about her.  Even the slightest mention of her would almost get your blood boiling.  Whenever he brought her up you would last about a minute before removing yourself from the conversation.  When Leonardo would ask you what's wrong you would just shrug him off and tell him you had to go do something or it was nothing at all.
At this moment, you were punching the practice dummy which looked almost identical to the Shredder to vent out your frustration.  You were so focused that you didn't even notice Raphael walking up to you.  Raphael however didn't really trust Karai so you two were kind of on the same page about her. 
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improvement meme by jounetsunoakai improvement meme :iconjounetsunoakai:jounetsunoakai 480 137 High-Strung by 10yrsy High-Strung :icon10yrsy:10yrsy 631 200
Here we are again, fighting for our lives
Fighting for our freedom, for each other
The way we came to be was a mistake
A mistake that should have been kept secret
Now we wake each day in apprehension
Wondering if this is the day we die
We wait and watch, we fight to stay alive
We may have been a mistake from the past
But we want to be here in the future
If we go down fighting, [hopefully not]
At least we'll all remember what matters
We lived the best lives we possibly could
And though we sometimes fought with each other
We still loved one another just the same
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RPG Maker 2000 and 2003 Tileset Template v2 by jojogape RPG Maker 2000 and 2003 Tileset Template v2 :iconjojogape:jojogape 153 69