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3 Amateurish Dialogue Mistakes You Could Be Making
“I’ve had it with that amateur dialogue!” irately shrilled Lady Troodon as her feathers stood up.
There you go, my writing Padawans, I’ve just demonstrated the three dialogue mistakes you could be making: Said Bookism, Adverb Abuse, and “Said As” Syndrome…
Said Bookism: “I’ve had it with that amateur dialogue!” shrilled Lady Troodon.
As put by storytelling wiki TV Tropes, Said Bookism is “Going out of your way to use any word other than ‘said’, even if the word is obscure and out-of-place”. Despite what you may have heard, using “said” is not an uncreative choice. The plainness of “said” keeps the reader’s attention on the line itself and the character who is speaking, as it should be. Many replacements for ‘said’ (such as “commented”) mean the exact same thing, but aren’t as discreet, thus drawing unnecessary atten
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