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Photographer: Lynn Theisen
Horse Luna
Model/MUA: SanDa
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Please follow my Rules
:bulletblack:  Credit me by my deviantart name if you're using my stocks, and always use a link in the description to my dA page.
:bulletblack:  If you use my stock, you have to send me a link to your creation either by comment or note! I would be happy to see the finished Artwork!
:bulletblack:  You have to credit me in the description of your Artwork. (You also have to link back to this account.)
:bulletblack:  You have my permission to sell your work on the deviant Prints Shop.
:bulletblack:  You are allowed to use my stock outside of deviantART but you have to credit me and I want a link to your Artwork.
:bulletblack:  Send a note if you want to use my stock for commercial use.
:bulletblack: You are NOT permitted to repleace the face of my stocks by another and not to use only parts (like a dress or something else..)

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Thank you for using my stock! Thanks for Favs, for suggestions, for Watch+ and everything else :dalove:
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