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Triskelion Mandala II by BWS (print image)


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Artist's Statement

This is an expanded version of an earlier piece (Triskelion Mandala I).

Once I'd lived with the first one for awhile I kept on picturing it in different ways, as a decorative cover on an illuminated manuscript, or as a carpet design, a bedspread, or a door. And when I looked at it that way I wanted it to be contained by an overall framework, as the central panel in a more rigid design - as though it were one of those objects I'd been picturing it on.

So this version is a sort of remix, using the original Triskelion Mandala within a framework that you may also recognize - it's also built out of running borders and panels that I'd already created. This Mandala assembles a lot of the decorative work I was doing at that time in one larger design.

(I have modified the color balance of this file so that it will print more true to its original; for that reason, as you see it here on your monitor you’re seeing it a bit paler and greener than it ought to be.)

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