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Spirit of the lost land by en-tyrael (print image)


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Artist's Statement

They told us only to guard the transporters, only to make the way safety.
They don't told us that the way goes throught the land where nothing lives. Nothing.
The lost land.

We were frightend to fly throught it, something strange is in the air there, really good soldiers have never been seen after they go there...

But we flow... It was a command!

The fear was huge when we passed the froniters and the air was too hot to think normally.
Then something wonderful happens. O the one hand we saw the next town, but on the other hand there was something that was the most beautifull we've ever seen and ever felt:

Like dust, glowing, a thing we can trust, uncredible!
We don't know what we saw but in sum old books this is called:

"The spirit of the lost land"

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