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Death Reaper with his Steed by Deftonys-muse (print image)


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Artist's Statement

i didnt want to get focus from deaths so i made death little bigger and big ego so big guy an so on.. hes/her precense is so huge and stuff like that... we'r not having human in deaths coat... something "different" so thats why he/she is so big

story for the horse and death at the same time:

people say that eyes are the road to peoples soul... dead people dont have soul so neather do these fellows... and if there is road to soul then there cant be road there if there isn't nothing to go... thats why horse doesn't have eyes.. death doens't have face.. just form ...human LIKE form

there is little stuff that makes difference in horce... skin there isn't one... just muscles... bridle is comming from piercings from horses muzzle. hoof's are claw like thingies... little stuff so it's reconicable...

in my mind they are hollow like thingies... empty inside and thats it i hope you like it ^^

peace, love and understanding

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