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+ P A P I L I O N + by Sayda (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Just a little something quick, new, and fresh from me :3


Meet Papilion. She's a part of a project I have been mulling over...dealing with a fresh new race I want to start dabbling in, this being:

Pixie Dragons.

They are going to be a spin off of my regular dragon girl design, but these 'Pixie dragon' girls will all be tied into various forms of nature somehow. Probably stick with animals for now.

So of course, Papilion here is a pixie dragon in tune with the butterfly kingdom. Hurhur, I'm such a dork X3 But well...we'll see how this goes :3

*trots off*

Sketched/Inked/Colored - Photoshop CS2
Papilion and the Pixie Dragons are (c) Me

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