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April by Piombo (print image)


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Artist's Statement

So here are the photos I've used for my calendar :)
They look like satellites,or jewels but they're teany tiny bubbles that form around the edge of a bubble like you can see here
Bubble by Piombo or between 2 attached bubbles.
My first experiment was with water,a drop with a bubble on it,but it was a battle against time since the bubble wuold las about 2 science was involved:giggle:
If you touch a soap bubble it'll burst BUT if you wet your finger with the same liquid the bubble is made of it won't,with that in mind I just put some liquid on the DVD/CD and than blew the bubble on it and it last a lot and you can make as many as you want,let them touch or not.
I just wanted to take pics of the bubble but soon my attention was grabbed by the tiny ones that form around the edge (and move around it) and by what happens when the bubble burst wich I'll tell you when I'll post those...I have many but I'll spare you and just post the months....for now:evillaugh:
PS Thank you all for the patience with the painting is almost'll be my Chrismas present :XD: