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THE CITY OF LIGHTS by tigaer (print image)


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Artist's Statement proudly presents: THE CITY OF LIGHTS


First of all, look at this pic as if it were some sort of concept art. It was a huge playground for me to try out a lot of things. So i maintained the concept art look and did not work too accurate. Nonetheless the style kinda works.

This one was actually planned to be a collab piece. Unfortunately nothing happened. Even with the lost collab i thought it could become a cool piece if i would finish it up alone. So i did. There is no big story behind it. I just thought i would play a bit with composition and lighting.


As you can see it is a not too detailed painting. In terms of photorealism. Most of you know that i never seriously try to work photorealistic. With this pic my only goal was to create a good composition and a striking lighting. I maintained a concept art like look since i was thinking that it could help the overall atmosphere to come together.

30hrs - intuos3 - photoshop - 6000px wide - 300dpi

Wallpapers Available on: - 1600x1200 / 1024x768 / 800x600


happy viewing...

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