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May I never wake...   Painting by Rorke (print image)


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Artist's Statement

You are a dream....
My dream....
An unending dream....
I fall deeper into this thing we have...
May I never wake...
I love you Tyler.

This is a painting of my husband and myself.
28 hours in PS you can check out my WIPs here…

Tyler was the one that recommended I enter this contest. So, while he thought I was wasting time playing bejewelled on face book I made this painting. (like an artistic ninja)

I met Tyler on DA. He is known as wookiestock or whatawookie54 on this site. He was an active stock photographer and I needed reference for my freelance work. We started talking and one thing led to another. We are married now. This December will be our 3rd year anniversary of when we first started talking on DA. His stock page pretty much documents our relationship from the beginning. I have DA to thank for bringing us together. “Thank you.” So what better way but to let this artistic community be a part of my wish.


Yes, we talk about our dreams, we talk about our dream home and our dream kids and where we wanna be in 10 years time. Oh the grand dreams we have. Oh the plans we make. We get stressed about how slow these dreams seem to play out, and how hard it gets to just pay the bills sometimes. But in the end, my love, my only dream is to keep on being loved by you and to be able to love you right back for the rest of our lives. I could make my millions and I could have every little thing I wanted and more in this world... But where would I be without you? I feel like sometimes I am in this sea of emotions and you are the only one that can pull me up out of the deep dark places. I can’t breathe without you Tyler. I never want to be without you. I love you. Whatever comes our way.

Happy Birthday.

I hope that if you’re a Deviant reading this that even if you don’t like the painting and don’t want to fav it, you’ll take the time to go to my husband’s DA page and wish him happy birthday.
He takes long hours out his days to create wonderful and creative stock for all of us to use for free of charge. I hope that the DA community can take a moment out of their day to appreciate one of their very active members.
All I can really do for him this year is make this painting and hopefully round up enough DA’ers to make Tyler’s 25th a special one.

It’s on the 1st of December... So if your early don’t worry about it, if your late don’t worry about it... I think getting as many birthday wishes is all that matters.

Rorke AKA Mrs Holly Green. 

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