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The Earth Calendar by wroth (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Calendar Description

The second in my series of elemental calendars, this time focusing on Earth.

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Nearly all the photo contents where re-cut and re-mixed to fit this specific format, in this case a lot of reorientation as well to maintain the visual impact despite the change of aspect ratio need to put these into a calendar. More colorful and brighter versions to match the white matting better, new crops, etc. So they differ slightly from the originals and to preview the exact pages you should visit the print and use the page selection features. The originals are worth a look because many of them look different un-cropped... The pieces are;

January: Similes by the River IV inverse
February: Magic Beans IV
March: Some Sweet Gravity
April: Blemished Flesh II
May: Blemished Flesh inverse
June: Walls
July: Untitled Light and Shadow VIII
August: Obscurity Noon
September: Similes by the River II inverse
October: Writ on Slate
November: Erosion Nocturne
December: Similes by the River III inverse

Every piece obviously has it's own individual aims; but taken as a whole my work with stone, soil, and sand generally has a focus on the balance of stability and change. The materials endure, but their form constantly changes. In some cases the scale of that change is the slow wearing down of solid rock, as the towering mountains surrounding my home show. In other cases it can happen as quickly as clouds of sediment can shift in water, the river on the edge of my ranch changes every day. The two of which, sand grains and mountains, are of course directly linked as the same materials in a new form.

Much of this is shot on that river, which is never the same two days in a row so it may be the same locations but always fresh; again a reference to balance of transformation and constancy. The course of the river changes dramatically as the years go by. Enough particulate can build to sandbanks, or the soil in the river bank can give way dumping trees in, or floods can dig new channels. All of which change the balance between sands, mud, and stones in any give place. The weather determines the amount of water coming down and the rate the mud dries out, the weather largely determined by the season. The season is determined by the axial tilt of the earth, which is determined by even greater forces, which in this way connect back to the appearance of the sand in my backyard.

I was going to explain why they are abstract but realized it would take too much space, and I already just wrote up more than I wanted to :o See… , the section of abstract form of photography.

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