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CARNELIA by asuka111 (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Artwork for "Wacom Anime girl contest 2009"

Character Profile:


Age: 14
Personality: Curious and Cheerful
Love: Anything that has/have Red color
Hate: Cockroach

Carnelia is the young apprentice magician. Her name comes from the red gemstone, “Carnelian”. She is very talented in summoning skill, but still have a lot to learn.

She always carries a bag which contains many tools for casting spells and painting "the summoning circle" as well as “The Magician ‘s Guidebook 101” for the reference!

There is a orange-demon troublemaker, “Mr.Salvador” along with Carnelia all the time. The Demon was summoned by Carnelia and they get along very well. (sometime...)

A long journey of being the master of magician is just started!

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