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The Air Calendar by wroth (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Product Description:

Making this calendar so I can give it as a gift to my sister, who has a birthday coming up soon! More than anyone she understands the place work like this comes from, the particular junction of spiritual, aesthetic, and intellectual motives [since I do not often discuss these motives in public I guess it should not be a surprise that it's not widely understood]. And so she is able to appreciate work like this that as a general rule is not very popular or understood, so maybe her and I will be the only people who like this calendar, but that is ok ;)

And yes I plan eventually to complete the series, with The Water, The Earth, and so on. At some point, maybe not all this year.

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Some of the links will differer in cropping and other aspects so view the slide show on the Print page to see real exact previews of how the images appear in the print. In this case a lot of the pieces are currently unpublished so there is no page to link to. The pieces in this calendar are;

January: Susanoo II tone
February: 10000 Days II tone
March: Susanoo III tone
April: My Shadow II
May: Slow Motion Waterfall tone
June: My Shadow
July: 10000 Days inverse
August: Eschatology II tone
September: Wake The Dead tone
October: 10000 Days III tone
November: Dyad
December: Susanoo IV tone

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