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Trick or Tree by priteeboy (print image)


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Artist's Statement

"An Urban legend states, that if you shudder for no reason at all, then someone has just walked over the spot where you'll eventually be buried"...Pretty creepy huh?

Anyway, This is my submission for the :icontreesclub: Halloween contest where you had to produce a Halloween-themed deviation that involved the tree being the main focus. Nearly all the entries were photography so I though and hope this would stand out from the crowd, and the idea expressed is pretty self explanatory.

To be Honest, Halloween isn’t a big deal in Australia, last year our house got no trick-or-treaters, and the year before that, only 2. Even I wasn’t allowed to do it as a kid unless my mother came with me and my younger brother, even then, we’d only visit half a neighbourhood…at 5pm which is still daylight at this time of the year ( Southern hemisphere means Halloween is in Spring ) So having little Halloween experience means I never cared enough about it to make one for last year, and if it weren’t for this contest, I may not have done this either but it sparked this image in my head which I just HAD to do…Yeah, it may not look scary like a Macabre and Horror deviation should, but when am I going to get to use this category for my gallery. Hope you enjoy it mwah ha ha ha ha ( walks off into creepy mist to work on the next deviation )

To avoid something really scary, I bid you do not rip my art. It'll save us all a lot of time and its just wrong

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