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King's Crown by SilentReaper (print image)


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Artist's Statement

The King's Crown, once a common species, is now a rare avian living in the middle of thick forests. They were hunted down for their vibrant feathers which were considered so valuable that only a king could afford it; thus the name. Females are harder to recognize since they do not have a crest or vibrant feathers, and are thought of as a completely different species ("Brown Crossery").
From beak to rump, the King's crown is approximately 20-25 inches in length. Its crest feathers (most valuable) can grow up to 9 inches long and it's tail feathers up to 18 inches. Because of its heavy body, long tail, and rather short wingspan for its size, the King's Crown can only fly short distances and heights. Their songs are loud and consist of a series of screaming 'caws' and deep 'warbles', which can become annoying.

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