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The Lost+Waiting Sacrifice by PkingSora (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Muffled cries of the Necromancer could be heard behind the sealed door.
Upon entering the corridor, Ahnicah was welcomed with a startling sight
There bound on his knees behind a barrier rest the fallen one
Before him a epitaph, laid reading
Here rests
Zsoren Sake
The 22th son of Soriel Sake

Behind him a statue made of a strange stone,
Perhaps milk stone or aMatte marble
ts epitaph read,
Here rests
Guardian of Zsoren Sake
Wielder of the Aeirth

Runs of red and blue played about the floor, apparently this chamber was sealed off for a reason.

His eyes are open.

Dask about the lame story, Actually this was a scene from an RP session I had a LOONG LOONG LOONG time ago, Zsoren originally was supposed to be the crazed brother.. One of those characters that eat rats, and nibble on his tail and has no sense what so ever. Instead he turned into a 'domeki' persona, one of those vigil characters that, though doesn't say much but is aware of the situation.

He is younger than Mastah and appears to be ‘more mature’ than his brother despite being locked away for so long. His tail WAS nibbled off by rodents and burnt by the ruins and barrier that surrounds him. The statue above him is his guardian Io; she is a welder of wind and light and believes she is male, secretly in love with her master (obsessive, was even jealous of Mastah when they were younger)

In the RP Zsoren was brought back to the world of the living, and currently stays within his brother’s mansion…as..a..maid TT;

I'd also liek tot ake the time to thank :icond3stic3: fer watching me colour this thing the entire 9 bout patience :3 it was fun! >.< though it took too long rwar

Duration: 9 hours
Tools: Sai Painter Cs2
Progress Video-> @ ^ @ I FERGOT AGAIN

Mastah, Zsoren, Io(c) Pkingsora

These characters can be found on Green Haven:…

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