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The childish voice by alterlier (print image)


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Artist's Statement

and yeah, today I woke up and felt mean, and yeah I am mean and yeah I was mean today, in this other world I call mind Im free to play with little dolls like you, brake them, eat them and forget them, but when my devil makes me dream the only way to go back to that world is erase those memories, cause you dont know me but i'll assure you that tonight while you sleep I will rape your dream, in my heart where I keep all my rotten corners, cause today I woke up and felt mean, Im your sister, Im your mother, Im your little sweet innocent child.

well i've been considering from quite time now to step it up into the digital painting, im usually a lazy person so i never though i was gonna actually give my all to an artwork (i didnt i guess, but i was pretty much close to it), there's quite some people here that claims to finish this kind of pieces in hours which is nonsense to me right now (i took over a week on this) but hopefully i'll get there some day (luckyly tomorrow), my favorite part, the hair and eyes, hate them to dead, i almost leave her without any haha wonder how that would have come out..anyway, photohosp + free time = good stuff

download full size for super extra details

credits to
rammkitty-stock for the reference…

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