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Cassinerieyido and Ilokoad by A2wildFox

Cassinerieyido and Ilokoad by A2wildFox (print image)


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Artist's Statement

EDIT: Made some adjustments to the image, figured they were significant enough to bother you guys by having this show up in your inboxes again. I added all the little loose strands in her hair, changed the shading on her face and forward leg, and some other minor things here and there.

Just for kicks and giggles:… For the record, I don’t know why I always post an older version of a pic if it’s available--I mean, cripes, Ilokoad looks like a parakeet covered with shredded cheese in that old image.

Thus I present to you, my second tablet-drawn picture [: I wanted to do a pic that would allow me to experiment a bit more with the brushes, as well as utilize the colors red and gold—cause, y’know, only 90% of my gallery exploits those colors. While I’m quite pleased with the outcome, I may well continue to tweak her tail plume a little bit; it seems a tad sloppy compared to the rest of her hair. We’ll see.

All was done in photoshop CS2. Her face was drawn from a previous doodle of mine, somewhere in my scraps.

Cassinerieyido (KAS-ih-ner-rye-YIGH-doh) is a skaroa—not exactly a queen/king, but, for sake of keeping this fairly brief, “king” is probably the closest thing to it, in terms of power granted. At 20, she is the youngest to ever reign the region of Venadralus (said reigning taking place in its capital, Vendra), and she is also one of the tallest; her height of 7’4” is dwarfed only by that of her father before her, who stood at 7’10. He was thrown out of the position of skaroa due to horrid management of Vendra’s economy, and his twelve-year-old daughter was subsequently given the throne. The Council essentially forced her to back down and let them make the region’s decisions, and she happily obliged; no way in hell was a twelve-year-old fit to manage a realm wrought with financial fiasco.

However, she had had her whole life to observe and learn from her father’s mistakes. During the Council’s era of command, she forged a plan to get the economy back on track, discussing it with any adviser she could get her paws on. At sixteen she felt ready to officially lead Venadralus. To the amazement of the region’s inhabitants, her decisions began to exponentially increase productivity and flow within the economy, even more so that those of the Council. In four short years she has put Vendra back on the list of Best Places to Live, and Venadralus as a whole has bettered because of her.

Yet her young age still gives her inexperience. For all she’s done for Venadralus, Cassi is often criticized for the fact that she has almost no military background or training, no knowledge of tactical strategies. It’s been lucky for her that Venadralus has never been attacked during her reign (other than minor pirate raids). To her credit, she is currently studying various forms of military command, and for the time being gives the Council complete command of the Guard.

And Ilokoad? He is a southern dwarf phoenix, her personal friend and messenger, carrying any urgent message she may have from one part of the Keep to the next. Other than that, not much is known about him.

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