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Pure Luck by spyed (print image)


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Artist's Statement

I call this pure luck, because this was absolutely pure luck. This photograph has not been altered in any way what so ever, I didn't even adjust contrast or brightness or anything. It's straight from the camera.

At the park here in Berlin, there was a big ol' concrete structure with a hole in it, walking up to the hole you look in to find a projector running.. playing a movie of two guys kissing.


Because it's art, I guess. Having a concrete structure in the center of a park in the first place is off beat, having a black and white film playing of two guys kissing via a projector within it is about the last thing you could ever possibly guess would be on the screen. And ... well whatever.

The point is, the glass reflected some light, the projector inside the structure didn't reflect at all....

I really like the result.

But totally a snapshot, I didn't intend to submit this as a deviation, it just came out interesting enough to include in my gallery for a time.


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