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dark and joyous by zilla774 (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Collaboration with fourteenthstar :date:

We've collab'd a couple of times now and it's always a pleasure to work with Fiona. She has a great eye for stock and showed me the gramophone which she loved and wanted to do something with. I suggested some ideas and we hunted around for some stock together, discussing what we wanted to do and with what. It was a very fresh approach and the openness of it allowed for some great ideas to come out. Fiona started the image, and I then hacked about with her initial structure, nothing was lost from her original, I just added more stuff, mostly vectors created in Illustrator, and the little itty bitty gramophone which gives the image some nice cuteness.

A couple of sessions of tweaking followed with some back and forth design discussions and this is the final result.

The top half is dark, urban and night, the lower is light, rural and daylight... at least that's the idea. It's all brought together with elements which are personal to each of us; the stars, the abstract shapes and most importantly the visualisation of the soundscape. All very pretentious I'm sure you'll agree.

I love the retro feel this has and the pseudo-graffiti style of the background :)

I'm hopeful that we will continue to find time outside of our hectic schedules and do this again... sooooon :heart:

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