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Odyssey by angrymikko (print image)


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Artist's Statement

First of all thank you all who commented/favourited my last piece Rock Bridges I'm very happy that some of you liked visiting that part of my mind.

Now I have a one-week vacation from school starting now and to celebrate this I sat down and painted this. I was listening to Rez:gamers guide to-soundtrack twice so I think it's pretty accurate to say that I painted this in 2hrs. There are still heaps of detail that I somehow managed to squeeze in everywhere. (Old bad habits die hard =D)

This city is sort of an ideal version of the real world. I wanted to create the sense of real calmness. To visit there requires a slow boat ride. It's another place to escape to from work and dark days. Hope you can use it as a window like I did. =) Thank you again. You all rock :worship:

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