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WHY I HATE SOLARIS - - - by RalphNiese (print image)


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Artist's Statement

wow, my monitor really sucks! like 3 months i´m like colorblind.

this is a doublepage for the fine lads over at PassengerPress my bro Alexis Ziritt has recommended me to get on the void which was created by one of an artists missing pages.
the book will be all featuring different comics that all refer to movies.

backstory here is that i always slept in when seeing Solaris, the Clooney version & the Solaris theatre play all caused by sleep deprivation - and this created weird dreams which i slighty have included here + a cameo of Stan Lee - biggest sucker in the universe. :nod:

see minute 38.00…
watching the whole movie is quite good, too - you might be impressed.

i dedicate this to Jack Kirby, Alejandro Jodorowsky & Stanislaw Lem.

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