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Artist's Statement

"Duermete niño, duermete ya...
Que viene el cuco y te comera..."

"Fall to sleep child, fall to sleep now...
if not the cuckoo will come and it will eat you alive..."

For this month's project at :iconstudioe-leven: we were working with nursery rhymes. Here the idea was that a detective is dreaming or having a nightmare but I just focused on just one illustration rather than a comickbook page.

Thanks for stopping by!

And yeah... that nursery rhyme is jacked up, if I had a child I wouldn't say that shit to him before going to sleep. Is a classic rhyme I grew up listening to. Not that my Mom sing it to me but is one of those popular culture things. It's creepy.

And the "monster" it's inspired on Hans Bellmer's dolls with that touch of Silent Hill.

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