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Car is gettin out of it... by MeAli-ADK

Car is gettin out of it... by MeAli-ADK (print image)


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Artist's Statement

:typerhappy: (the monitor ) this begin trying to do a logo for web site... my friends said different thingzz:
1. Something needed (I know)
2. Looks like not a monitor, something like a TV antenna (lollll),I really don't know if it looks like that, but this is combine from two different monitor images... and It didn't look like a TV antenna to me, lol never mind...)
3. It's really cool. Looks good.
4. and my opinion is: It needs more work, but I will not throw it in my recycle bin :D
so I added:
The car (is old) and the pencil (is new) and decide to post it here. Looks like everybody have different opinion about what they see. lol surely is like that.
I am confused :confused: so pls say your opinionzzz :eager: ...

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