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selenium start by sassaputzin (print image)


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Artist's Statement

I have already submitted an image from this place with a slightly different composition and already edited this particular composition as a b&w. BUT i have just discovered lightroom and i have to say i have fallen for it big time...... probably to my is a superbly fluid and useable programme which speeds up processing of images.

It also offers more 'styles' of editing images , which is why i say ' probably to my detrement '..because i like to flit about with my editing of images.....i wish in some way i was able to edit images with a specific style as say stuart does - or as thierry does but im afraid i am not focused enough to acheive this.

I enjoy the scope of being able to edit an image such as this one completely differently to any other in my gallery. I suppose it is a consequensce of the digital age......any way your thoughts would be appreciated....

p.s and yes before anyone kindly points it out, reading this back i do realise i just typed that i have fallen for a piece of software.....'big time'......i dont get out much....

edit.....well thank you everyone who has enjoyed this image and commented on it..... and a big thank you to for suggesting this image as a DD, and to for featuring it

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