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Sky two by Avogel57 (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Iraq 2007

All photos are taken on my olympus one touch camera; its just your average everyday camera, so I'm sure you dont care about the features, etc, like on a real camera. I played around with the settings a little bit, for better contrast, or more color, or whatever, but nothing special. This is my first digital; before I had a one touch 35mm, and a couple of very nice Nikon manuals with interchangeable lenses. When I bought the digital, I had to choose between the one touch and a nice SLR; yes, the SLR would have been better, but at the cost of convenience. I was able to carry the one touch on my belt 24/7, under my body armor, in addition to my other gear. I know that I'd never be able to do something like that w/ a SLR, and I'd have missed so many random scenes. It paid the price though; there's not much left of it, sand in the lens, controls shot. It did its job though! =)

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